10 Beaches in Yogyakarta to Build a Tent

10 Beaches in Yogyakarta to Build a Tent

Noted! There are so many interesting beach spot that is suitable to be included in the list of your itinerary when you visit Jogja. Some are suitable to be used as camping location. If you have plan to camp during the new year, just check out these charming beaches.

10 Beaches in Yogyakarta to Build a Tent

1.      Wediombo Beach

With contours like beach-coral-covered bays, beside to camping, Wediombo Beach also offers relaxing spots, fishing and snorkeling! Everything you get at one place.

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2.      Sundak Beach

Sundak is one of the best beach spots that offered by Gunung Kidul. Although far from the crowd, but there has been equipped with various facilities, from parking space, gazebo, to food stalls.

3.      Ngrumput Beach

Ngrumput beach is one of the best beaches that are hits in Gunung Kidul. The reason is, besides providing a large camping area, there is the Hill of Kosakora. A pretty hill that is being hits in social media.

4.      Pok Tunggal Beach

The extent of white sand in Pok Tunggal Beach makes it as one interesting spot for camping in Gunung Kidul. In addition, from here you are also spoiled with rows of hills that are so exotic.

5.      Baron Beach

Baron Beach is one of the most visited beaches in Gunung Kidul recently. One way to enjoy the beauty of Baron Beach is by camping at this beach. No doubt, camping in Baron Beach is one of the fun ways that you can do to enjoy the beauty of the Baron.

6.      Krakal beach, Kukup and Sadeng

These three beaches are located quite far from Baron beach. If Baron Beach is full, these three beaches can be an interesting camping alternative. These three beaches are fairly close, you can get around first to choose which beaches are suitable for camping locations.

7.      Jungwok Beach

Jungwok Beach is located east of Wediombo Beach. This white sandy beach offers the beauty of typical hills of Gunung Kidul. Because you need to walk about 30 to 45 minutes from Wediombo Beach to this beach. So, don’t come to late!

8.      Greweng Beach

Besides Jungwok Beach, the east side of Wediombo Beach, there is also a beautiful beach named Greweng Beach. Besides can be used for camping, there is also a fishing spot you know!

9.      Kesirat Beach

It’s different with Kesirat Beach. This beach is dominated with unique rock-cliff. In addition, there is also a grassland that directly facing the sea. This location is often used by tourists to camping. The atmosphere is you know, just cool!

10.  Gesing Beach

If you want to find a unique traditional dock atmosphere, just come to Gesing Beach. The beautiful atmosphere on the beach is increasing with the view of two hills that flanked.

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