10 Cool Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta

10 Cool Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta

What do you have in mind about “Yogyakarta”? Yup, there is so much uniqueness! Over the past 3 years, a lot of old attractions are renewed, and emerged as a new attraction that hits among tourists who visit.

If you have visited Jogja for several times, it’s guarantee that you have never bored to continue to explore. To facilitate you who want to visit Jogja, here are 10 cool tourist attractions in Jogja, and some attraction are being hits.

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10 Cool Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta

1.      Malioboro Street

This is the favorite spot to spend time in Jogja. Along the street Malioboro, you can shop for unique goods from Jogja. You can browse the shops in the Beringharjo market during the day. Malioboro area is one of the famous shopping destination of Jogjakarta. Lots of shops on the street that sells souvenirs typical Jogja, the price is cheap and still negotiable.

2.      Taman Sari

One of the many historical sights in Yogyakarta is Taman Sari. Taman Sari is located very close to Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat, only takes about 15 minutes from the northern square. This place used to be a place of recreation for the royal family. Now, Taman Sari is one of the cultural heritages in Yogyakarta and has become a popular tourist spot. The entrance fee is $0.5.

3.      Prambanan Temple

This is the largest Hindu temple in Southeast Asia, 47 meters height and has been declared as one of the world cultural heritage in 1991 by UNESCO. Jogja tourist attraction has a panoramic view, especially when the sun began to sink, that’s when the most appropriate time to capture the moment here. You can see the scenic architecture and design of the temple.

4.      Kalibiru

This tour being hits in Jogja. It is located in Kalibiru, Kulon Progo, which is about 1 hour drive from downtown Jogja. The location is on the peak and the road was a bit stressful, but the scenery here will beat your fatigue. The entrance ticket is quite affordable, only $0.8. There many photo spots available, but one phenomenal is the tree.

5.      Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano

Mount Nglanggeran is located in ​​Gunung Kidul. It is located 1 hour from downtown Jogja. This mountain has been well managed, so the facilities in this mountain is complete. Along the path, there are gazebos and many signpost. The ticket price is $0.8. The journey to the peak take about 1.5 hours, but the scenery above is very beautiful!

6.      Pindul Cave

This cave is located in Bejiharjo, Gunung Kidul. From the center of Jogja, it takes about 45 minutes. The activities that you can do are cave tubing, which is going through the cave for approximately 15 minutes. The price to explore this cave is $3 includes life jacket, tire, and guide. But be careful with many counter tickets all the way to the cave. Just come when the low season, because during high season this cave will be filled with visitor.

7.      Wedi Ombo Beach

Wedi Ombo Beach is located on Gunung Kidul. It takes about 2 hours to reach this beach. But, the long journey will be paid by the beauty of this beach, the atmosphere is like in Lombok beaches. The entrance ticket is $0.3. What special of this beach is the existence of a natural pool on the edge of the beach! But be careful to swim, because many feathers pig.

8.      Merapi Volcano Tour

After the eruption of Mount Merapi, this mountain began to be known by tourists. Not just because of its natural beauty, but many people are curious how the ferocity of Mount Merapi. A lot of tour travel provide tour to Merapi, the price is about $30 for one jeep, and one jeep can be filled by 3-4 people. The duration tour about 1.5 hours.

9.      Parang Endog Hill

Parang Endog is located in Parang Tritis area, which is 1 hour from Jogja. This hill becomes a paragliding flying location. But now many tourists who come here to enjoy the sunset, because the sunset here is so stunning. You can see the expanse of sea from above with background sunset.


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