10 Popular Tourist Attractions in Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta

10 Popular Tourist Attractions in Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta

The beauty panorama of Yogyakarta certainly will not be endless. Yogyakarta is already famous with a stunning spot. In Jogja, precisely in ​​Gunung Kidul, there are many tourist attractions that could attract many tourists. Most of natural attraction formed with beautiful beaches and other nature.

You are not complete if you have come to Jogja, but never explored the tourist attractions in Gunung Kidul. For you who feel curious about tourist attractions in Gunung Kidul, don’t forget about these tourist attractions below.

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10 Popular Tourist Attractions in Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta

1.      Pindul Cave tubing

One of the interesting cave that mostly visited is Pindul Cave. Many people are interested in nature tour in Goa Pindul is because of its charming scenery. In addition, Goa Pindul is also famous for cave tubing attractions.

2.      Bukit Bintang

Jogja is also famous with beautiful night scene. If you want to see the beautiful night scene, take your time to come to Bukit Bintang. Here you can see the beauty sparkling lights of Jogja city. While enjoying the scene, you can order a cup of coffee or hot tea in the stalls on the cliff.

3.      Explore Jomblang Cave

​​Gunung Kidul is famous for its cave tourism. In this place, there are some interesting cave to be visited, one is Jomblang Cave. In contrast to the cave in general, Goa Jomblang has its own charm for tourists. This cave has an underground river, and there is a big hole on it that brings sun to enter. Most people called with heaven light.

The hole has a length of about 300 meters. The tunnel will bring you to Grubuk Cave due the location is very close together. However, to be able to enjoy the beauty of Jomblang Cave is not easy, you need to use special equipment and technic.

4.      Rock climbing in Siung Beach

In Gunung Kidul, there are several beaches that can be visited, one of them is Siung Beach. Siung Beach is the most famous beach in Gunung Kidul area. Siung Beach is surrounded by many rock cliffs. The rock cliffs mostly used as a rock climbing spot, and there are 250 climbing rock paths. Sometimes, there is rock climbing competition in this sport.

5.      Pok Tunggal Beach

This beach is rarely visited by tourists due to the difficult terrain. Pok Tunggal Beach has a magnificent natural panorama. Along with the development, this beach became increasingly known and entered into the most sought-after attractions. This beach has the beauty of white sand dazzling plus the existence of a tree that became a landmark.

6.      Krakal Beach

There are some more beaches that are also fascinating and interesting to visit. The beach is known with Krakal Beach has a clean sea water and beautiful white sand. In addition, Krakal Beach also has a wave that can be used to surfing sport.

7.      Sadranan Beach

The next beach is Sadranan Beach. Sadranan Beach has a wave that tends to be very quiet, so it can be used to do snorkeling for you who want to see the stunning underwater scenery. When the water at Sadaran Beach is receding, you can see the natural scenery of coral clusters that form a natural beach.

8.      Baron Beach

It’s very different from the other beaches in ​​Gunung Kidul. This beach not only offers beautiful natural scenery to be enjoyed, here you can taste a variety of seafood culinary. At Baron Beach, you can also see the activities of the fishermen directly. You can also buy fresh fish at the fish auction. Baron Beach also has an underground river.

9.      Sri Gethuk Waterfall

Not only limited with cave, in Gunung Kidul, there are also waterfall known as Sri Gethuk Waterfall. Sri Gethuk Waterfall widely known since 2010. This waterfall provides the natural scenery. When you come to this place, you will feel tempted to swim in this refreshing water.

10.  Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano

Unlike Mount Merapi, to get to the top of Mount Nglanggeran, you don’t need to climb through the difficult terrain. You don’t even need special ability to climb. This mountain only has a height of about 900 asl, you can be reach within 60 minutes. At the top of the mountain, you can see the beauty of the famous Embung Nglanggeran, the highest reservoir.

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