10 Shopping Places in Yogyakarta According Your Taste

10 Shopping Places in Yogyakarta According Your Taste

Spending time to visit various attractions is a fun thing to do, especially if you do with loved ones. You must know that there are many interesting places to visit in Jogja. Therefore, when you are in a tourist attractions, it’s not enough if you only enjoy the attraction.

For a few days, there are still many places that should not be missed to be explored. However, in order to avoid to get any regret, you may take a look for shopping places in Yogyakarta. After explore the tourist attractions, you should not forget to visit a shop.

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There will be many places that sell gifts to take home. However, to get a quality souvenir with a cheaper price, you should come to shopping spots in Jogja. There will be some places that sell typical souvenirs of Yogyakarta which you can visit. To get cheap souvenirs, you should come and visit some shopping place below.

10 Shopping Places in Yogyakarta According Your Taste

1.      Malioboro Street

This shopping place must be familiar. Malioboro Street is a shopping place that is highly recommended for everyone. There are many types of souvenirs that can be found in Malioboro Street, such as funny bags, batik, accessories, T-shirts, key chains, shoes, and other typical souvenirs. Interestingly, all the goods on Malioboro Street is sold at a cheap price.

2.      Beringharjo Market

Beringharjo is one of the famous shopping spots in Jogja. To get to Beringharjo Market, you can go to end of Malioboro Street. This market are sold typical Jogja goods, such as antiques, traditional foods, to handicrafts. The goods in the Beringharjo market are sold at a low price, so it is guaranteed not too drain your pocket.

3.      Bakpia Pathuk

There are several famous brands of bakpia in Jogja. You can visit some shopping spots in Jogja such as Bakpia 25, Bakpia 75, Bakpia Kurniasari, Bakpia Pia, Bakpia 125, Bakpia Djava, or others. The central production is on KS Tubun Street, or west of Malioboro. Currently bakpia has several flavors, including green beans, pineapple, cheese, durian, chocolate, and kumbu.

4.      Gabusan Art Market

If you want to make art souvenirs, come to Gabusan Art Market. When you visit this Gabusan Art Market, you can know how it feels to come to traditional markets with international standard. In Gabusan Art Market, you can find art goods based on wooden crafts, bamboo crafts, metal crafts, and many more. Art goods are grouped in certain blocks to the type.

5.      Kotagede Silver

For you who want silver as souvenirs, come to the silver market in Kotagede. This place sold various kinds of silverware, such as bracelets, statues, rings, and so forth. You will find any desired silver handicrafts as souvenirs. In Kotagede Market you can see and try make a silver handicrafts directly.

6.      Pottery Craft in Kasongan

Pottery is a typical souvenir of Jogja which is much sought after by tourists. To get it, you need to go in Kasongan area located Bangunjiwo, Kasihan, Batul. Kasongan is famous as the center of pottery crafts, and you can see the process of making it directly. Besides shopping places, there are also many galleries that displayed various beautiful pottery craft.

7.      Cheap Book Market at Shopping Center

Jogja deserves to be called as student city because there are several places that sell books at a cheap price. There is a cheap book market called Shopping Center. In spot, you can get new books and used books at cheap prices. The location of this place is adjacent to Cultural Park of Yogyakarta located on Jalan Sriwedari.

8.      Village of Keris Banyusumurup

If you want to get an unusual gift, come to the village of Keris Banyusumurup. As the name, this village is a shopping place where the majority of the people are keris craftsman. Not only buy keris, here you can also see directly how the process of making keris and some supporting goods, such as keris sheath.

9.      Manding Village

The name of Manding Village is taken because the majority people work as manding craftsman. Manding is another name for leather crafts, such as bags, shoes, wallets, belts, accessories, and even leather jackets. Come to Manding Village, you can get leather craft with cheaper price and better quality. You can get the desired skin crafts and seeing the process directly.

10.  Krebet Village

Buying batik clothes is a common thing to be used as souvenirs. If you want to get a different batik from general, come to Krebet Village. In this village, you can get batik from wood, such as accessories, masks, bracelets, mirror holder, boxes, and so forth. Wooden batik is not only famous in the local market, but it is famous to get to the international market.


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