10 Tips to Get Fun Backpacker in Yogyakarta

10 Tips to Get Fun Backpacker in Yogyakarta

Jogja is a city that always makes you to come back again. A warm atmosphere combined with the friendliness of the local makes anyone feel at home in Jogja. In addition, the attractiveness of Jogja lies in customs and culture that are still highly respected by the people.

Got a lot of day off, but you didn’t know what to go? How about if you going to Jogja with backpacker style. All that is in Jogja, ranging from lodging, transportation, and food is priced at a friendly. Therefore Jogja is very suitable to be a tourist destination backpacker style.

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10 Tips to Get Fun Backpacker in Yogyakarta

1.      Select cheap transportation to Jogja

One of the cheapest transportation to Jogja is the economy class train. You can buy train tickets for economy class ranges from $8-18. However, if you want a more comfortable ride, you can take a ride with business or executive class, but of course the price is more expensive.

2.      Booking cheap lodge around Malioboro

Malioboro is a landmark of Yogyakarta as well as the most popular tourist destinations. Because already known as a mandatory spots for tourists, Malioboro also located in a strategic location. Tips backpacker to Jogja next is look for cheap lodging around Malioboro. You can get comfortable lodging around Malioboro starting at $6.

3.      Find cheap food

It is common knowledge that Jogja is famous for its cheap culinary. Call it angkringan that sells sego kucing (a pack of white rice with a small portion) and various satay. Just with $0.8, you can eat. The cost of living in Jogja is not as expensive as other big cities. Therefore, Jogja is the right place for backpackers with limited budget.

4.      Don’t be lazy to walk

Walking in Jogja is common. Because the majority of Jogja residents don’t hesitate to walk or ride a bike. So, you should not be ashamed to walk on foot. After getting a lodging located near Malioboro, you can walk to Malioboro for shopping. Or, you can just walk around Malioboro area on foot.

5.      Set up GPS and learn the wind’s direction

Set up a GPS if you want to trip to Jogja without hiring a tour guide. It’s not because the local people are not friendly, but the people of Jogja generally tell the wind direction to explain some places. For example, they say Parangtritis Beach in the south, while Mount Merapi in the north.

6.      Rent efficient transportation

Some backpackers may choose to take public transportation to save money. However, it is not recommended if you want to travel far away. Because the transportation in Jogja is still very limited. Instead you have to change transport, preferably you rent a motorcycle. The motorcycle rental price in Jogja approximately $5 for 24 hours.

7.      Visit a free or cheap attraction

No need to be confused to find cheap attraction in Jogja. In this city, you can choose various types of cheap and free destinations. Some examples of free tourist attractions in Yogyakarta like Pine Forest, Parangkusumo Desert, Parang Endog, and Ngobaran Beach. In addition, you can take time to stop by in the palace of Yogyakarta.

8.      Shop cheap

You can shop for souvenirs with a cheap price. Just come to Beringharjo Market to buy gifts at an affordable price. If you want to find batik or typical Jogja, try to go to the top floor of this market. The price of goods on the upper floors of Beringharjo Market is sold at a cheaper price than at the bottom of the market.

9.      Do not forget to bid in Malioboro

While you’re walking in Malioboro, you might find something interesting. There’s nothing wrong if you want to buy some goods or shopping in Malioboro, but do not forget to bid with half price. In general, the sellers often raise the price of goods up to 3 times before being sold to tourists.

10.  Mix with the locals

When you travel to Jogja, you must mingle with the local community in order to get a better reference. Just try to mingle with the local community. Because they can provide an accurate reference to the cheap places. The locals will also be much friendly in communicating, especially when you use Javanese language.

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