3 Charming Sites in Yogyakarta You Must, Must Visit!

3 Charming Sites in Yogyakarta You Must, Must Visit!

Yogyakarta is made of love and beauty. It may be true. And Yogyakarta always brings this beauty to make you miss. Not only about the culture and the friendly social life, Yogyakarta also has a myriad of beautiful places that can make you always want to visit again.

One of the charming places that will make you miss Yogyakarta are the historical sites. Yes, Yogyakarta has wonderful sites that you must visit. Traveling to Yogyakarta it is not complete if you have not stopped by in these charming sites.

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3 Charming Sites in Yogyakarta You Must, Must Visit!

1.      Ratu Boko Temple

Ratu Boko Temple is located in Ratu Boko complex, or local people call it Boko Temple. Although the function of this temple not yet known, but in this place you can find the remains of civilization by humans in that era. Not only about the history, this place has many exciting photo spots.

2.      Ijo Temple

If you want to see the nature around Yogyakarta from a height, then you can try it from Ijo Temple. Ijo temple is located in Ratu Boko Temple complex. This temple was built around the 9th century, on a high hill called Bukit Ijo. The hill itself has a height of about 410 meters above sea level.
Because of that height, don’t be surprised if this temple has a reputation as the highest temple in Yogyakarta. Here, you can see the beauty of Yogyakarta from the height, and the philosophical value in each relief can you take as a reflection. And most importantly, seeing the sunset in this place is really cool.

3.      Prambanan Temple

A thousand temples, that’s people called. Maybe you’ve heard this one temple many times. Yes, this temple is very popular. Not only known inside the country, Prambanan temple is already famous around the world.

Not only famous as the most beautiful Hindu temple in the world, Prambanan Temple is also known to have high philosophical value. In this Prambanan Temple you can see the beauty of the dance depicting the story of Roro Jonggrang. The legendary story is also found in the reliefs of Prambanan Temple.


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