3 Easy Tips to Travel to Yogyakarta

3 Easy Tips to Travel to Yogyakarta

Jogja is a quite famous city in Indonesia. The culture and traditions that are still inherent in this city are the best attraction for domestic and international tourists. Besides known as a cultured city, Jogja also has a historic place and tourist areas.

Interestingly again, the city is digging many potentials of tourism to increase the interest of tourists to visit Jogja. Actually, for a vacation in this city is not required expensive. In this city, the price of food is still relatively cheap, so is the inn. If you have a low budget, then follow these tips.

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3 Easy Tips to Travel to Yogyakarta

1.      Select cheap lodging

First tip, choose a cheap lodging. Actually it is not difficult to choose a cheap lodging. You can rent a home stay or other lodging in cheap price. You just need to clever survey and browsing to get lodging in accordance with a minimal budget.

2.      Eating local food

Food is a need. When you choosing a food, it is advisable to choose good food but not expensive. The money that you bring can be allocated to other things such as visiting other tourist attractions or unexpected needs. Always keep your budget. Don’t get the budget runs out just to eat.

3.      Visit places of interest

When you choose a holiday destination to Jogja, you may think that the sights in this city are all expensive, considering Yogyakarta is crowded with international countries. This certainly encourages many international tourists to visit and enjoy the tourist attractions.

But don’t worry, there are several locations that can be visited at a low cost, such as Malioboro, Zero kilometer Zone, Vredeburg Fort, Tugu Jogja, Keraton Jogja, and other. The ticket price is less than $1. Don’t have to worry for a vacation to Jogja is expensive, with these tips you can take a vacation with cheap.

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