3 Interesting Surfing Spots in Yogyakarta

3 Interesting Surfing Spots in Yogyakarta

Jogja has always been a tourist magnet because it is unique, interesting, and always dynamic in creating an attraction. Apart from that, there are three places that are increasingly hits for surfing. If you are inexperienced, it’s better to learn first so you are not afraid to be hit by the waves. These are 3 surf spot you can try in Jogja.

3 Interesting Surfing Spots in Yogyakarta

1.      Wediombo Beach

This place became popular since 2014 because the existence of Wediombo Surf Society (WOSS) who initiated the surf on this exotic beach. WOSS successfully attracted domestic and foreign tourists to try the big waves in Wediombo Beach.

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Not only that, for you who like snorkeling and free diving, this beach provides the facility and two spots with a depth of 2 meters and 5 meters. You just rent the equipment here. If you never try about surfing activity, WOSS also love to train you about surfing.

2.      Krakal Beach

Yup, since the existence of Rip Curl GromSearch competition in Krakal Beach, this beach becomes widely known for surf activity. The waves in Krakal is pretty good and stable, so for you who are really new about the surfing, Krakal became the most appropriate to exercise.

In general, Krakal beach has a vast expanse of sand and flanked by typical mountains of Gunung Kidul. To get to this place, you just travel about 2 hours from downtown Jogja. Beside to surfing, you can also enjoy the natural beauty and the thrill of the waves on the beach Krakal.

3.      Parangtritis Beach

Well, for you who want to try water attraction, you may try to surf in this beach. It’s guaranteed you are to be happy. Since 2014, Parangtritis Beach became famous of an adrenaline rush hunter. Just info, Parangtritis is wild enough, so it’s good for you to understand first the waves on this beach.


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