3 of New Many Attractions in Yogyakarta

3 of New Many Attractions in Yogyakarta

Year to year, there’s a new tourist location found by traveler who likes to have a journey to a location that has not been visited by many people. Even if you visit Jogjakarta, you will find some new attractions and also exciting. Some of the new Jogja attractions become even a hit.

The influence of social media promoted some hidden tourist attractions which has natural scenery. To visit to some of the new attractions are quite interesting to do, because many people will enjoy and also the panorama of nature is very captivating.

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Some of these attractions were originally located hidden, but thanks to the technology and the role of social media. Many attraction now visited by many tourists both from local and international. Some of these locations tend to be hidden, so it is very difficult to find them.

Even when you visit this location, you will be able to enjoy some interesting things offered, and will make you addicted to various exciting activities in these locations. Travel activities in some tourist destinations are quite exciting and although hidden, but these spot is pretty cool.

3 of New Many Attractions in Yogyakarta

1.      Mojo Hill

The first attractions that you must try is Mojo hill. Mojo Hill located in Bantul, and fairly new. Open in early 2017, but has stolen the attention of many visitor. For selfie lovers, it feels very suit if you take the time to visit Mojo Hill to enjoy the exciting spot and unique photos.

The uniqueness of this hill is surrounded by a deep chasm. So for you who visit this location, you must be extra careful. Nevertheless guaranteed the results of your selfie in this hill will be very interesting. Photos spot that you can use to take pictures on Mojo Hill quite a lot.

2.      Watu Goyang

The next is Watu Goyang. The name may be a little strange, but it is guaranteed when you are already in this location, you will feel very enjoy. Its location is in Mangunan area and adjacent to Mojo hill. There are some interesting photo spots that exist in Watu Goyang. One of them is a helicopter-shaped spot.

So if you want to visit and take pictures, then you will be able to choose some interesting spots that exist in this location. Watu Goyang popular thanks to its unique photography spot and also a selfie spot that worth trying. Its location is very close to Mojo hill. So when you visit Mojo hill, you can complete your trip with a visit to Watu Goyang.

3.      Seribu Batu Songgo Langit

Another jogja tourist attraction is Seribu Batu Songgo Langit. This tourist location became popular thanks to the popularity of Hobbit movies. Because this location has some building houses that resemble to Hobbit house.

The uniqueness of the Hobbit house is what attracts tourists to visit this location. You can take pictures in locations that are also still in the area of Mangunan. So when you visit Mangunan area, don’t forget to stop by at the Hobbit house. The Hobbit house is very unique and has artistic value.

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