3 Simple Tips to Backpacker in Yogyakarta

3 Simple Tips to Backpacker in Yogyakarta

How can we get cheap backpacker? Surely you all want to be able to travel without spending a lot of costs. Because traveling is a thing that very liked by many people, especially for you who have been working. You definitely require a journey to refresh your mind.

Especially if you can travel to a place that you have dreamed without having to spend a lot of cost. These travel tips can provide more knowledge and increase your insight. For example, when you are doing backpacker tours abroad, you can add new network and experience.

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And you can exchange information about each country or travel experience. So, indirectly you have also been promoting your country of origin.

3 Simple Tips to Backpacker in Yogyakarta

1.      Prioritize the important equipment

The purpose of the backpacker is a journey just with a backpack. So when you do a tour, make sure not to bring a lot of goods and carry only important items. Because it can make you more heavy, and less equipment will make your journey more practical and comfortable. At least you can bring some clothes and pants that are easy to dry, as well as some food.

2.      Determine the destination

For you who want a cheap backpacker, of course you must seek an information about attraction that does not require expensive entrance ticket, cost of living, and transportation that can take you to a dream destination. All you have to do is determine the sights you want to visit.

3.      Stay at a friend’s house

When you go traveling, it can be up to 2 or 3 days. Therefore, you need a temporary residence. If you choose to stay at the hotel, it must be expensive. For that, you can use smart tips backpacker-style that can help you save costs by staying at your friend’s house.

Just make sure your place to stay is located near the attraction and have easy access. Make sure you contact him long before your arrival. Bring typical souvenirs from your area, and keep an ethic when staying at your friend’s house.

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