3 Tubing Spots in Yogyakarta at a Cheap Price

3 Tubing Spots in Yogyakarta at a Cheap Price

Yogyakarta offers not only cultural attractions and other exotic places. Jogja also offers unusual attractions such as tubing. Some places in Jogja already provide attractions like this. Of course with each uniqueness. For you who want to try tubing attraction, here are some spot tubing that you can try when you visit Jogja.

3 Tubing Spots in Yogyakarta at a Cheap Price

1.      Cave Tubing Kalisuci

Cave Tubing Kali Suci is always hunted for enthusiasts, especially for you who want to feel the pleasure of tubing in the area of ​​Pacarejo, Semanu, Gunung Kidul. To try the tubing here, you will charge $6 with guiding facilities and snacks.

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The duration of the trip about 1.5 hours. Keep in mind, if you feels have asthma, allergies, phobia, you should consult with a guide. You will ask to wear body protector such as helmets, shoes, decks, and floats.

2.      Cave Tubing Goa Pindul

This tubing place is the most hits in Jogja. However, it should be realized that with the news in social media makes Pindul quite more hectic when the weekend arrived. Compared with Kalisuci, Pindul does have a cheaper price, which is $3.

In general, Pindul has a sparkling, crystal-long, stalactite and stalagmite in various corners of the cave. There is a large room with a hole on it in the middle of the cave. That way, the atmosphere in the middle of the cave becomes more exotic with the sunlight that enters through the hole.

3.      Lava Bantal

As the most recent tubing location, Lava Bantal located in Watuadeg, Jogotirto, Berbah, Sleman, is actually a geo heritage area. In general, visitors usually try tubing on weekend with an average a small visit.

For the price, an adult is charged $1.2 and $0.8 for children. The duration of tubing in this river ranges from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. There are two options, you can choose a short route, or long router.

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