4 Alternative Yogyakarta Tourist Attractions for Your Long Weekend

4 Alternative Yogyakarta Tourist Attractions for Your Long Weekend

Long weekend is the most appropriate time for a vacation. You don’t have to bother taking time off, and the possibility to gather with all family is also getting bigger. Although often many avoid for a vacation at long weekend due to traffic jams, but there are some tourist attractions in Jogja that you can visit during a long weekend.

Not only about batik and culinary tour, Jogja also has many unique destinations that can be an inspiration for you. If you are planning to visit Jogja and look for recommendation of tourist attractions, just visit this attraction below.

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4 Alternative Yogyakarta Tourist Attractions for Your Long Weekend

1.      Menoreh Mountains

Menoreh Mountains is one of the recommended tourist attractions in Jogja that not many people know. Although geographically these mountains stretch and clearly visible from the city of Jogja, not many know that Menoreh Mountains is a beautiful tourist destination. The journey to Menoreh takes approximately 1.5 hours from Yogyakarta.

The main sights in Menoreh are cliffs and hills with large bushes and trees, and fields planted with coffee trees, cassava, cloves, and peanuts. Some interesting tourist spot in these mountains are Kiskendo Cave, Seplawan Cave, and Puncak Suroloyo.

2.      Nglinggo Tea Garden

Nglinggo Tea Garden is the only tea plantation in Jogja. This destination can be an alternative tourist spot in Jogja for you who want a cool atmosphere of tea plantations. Although the area of ​​tea garden is not wide, this tourist place has its own uniqueness with the mountains and hills surrounding it.

The route that must be taken to the tea garden is quite uphill and steep. If you want to see sunrise, you can stay first at the inn owned by the residents. You need not hesitate, local people are familiar with international tourists who come here. Here, you can enjoy tea and snacks from palm sugar in the stalls.

3.      Kesirat Beach

Kesirat is one of the hidden beaches located in Gunung Kidul. But unlike the other beaches that have white sand, the beach is exactly shaped cliffs that directly adjacent to the deep sea. On this beach, the most popular activity is to see the sunset, camping, and rock fishing.

Kesirat Beach is not far from Gesing Beach, precisely in Panggang, Gunung Kidul. This beach is located approximately 50 kilometers from Yogyakarta. To reach the beach, you must walk through the path first, before finding a quiet place away from the crowd.

4.      Ratu Boko Complex

Ratu Boko temple is a beautiful place to see the sunrise. The complex that used to be an ancient palace has many historic relics that are guaranteed to be a unique photo spot for you. Besides the temple, there are also other ancient relics such as unique ancient pool. The location is just a few minutes from Prambanan Temple.

The vast meadows are the main attraction for the visitors. In the morning you can see the surrealism of the temple surrounded by thick fog. For you who want to visit Ratu Boko, just buy regular ticket for $2.

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