4 Awesome Spots in Yogyakarta to Tell Your Heart

4 Awesome Spots in Yogyakarta to Tell Your Heart

If you have someone and you are planning to tell what’s on your mind? Well, now it’s time for you to show if you guys are really want to have her/him. These location can be the most awesome place for you. All these spots are in Yogyakarta, and it ease to reach.

4 Awesome Spots in Yogyakarta to Tell Your Heart

1.      Taman Pelangi

Being in this place, you will be pampered with a view of colorful lanterns with different shapes and sizes. Furthermore, you will be greeted with various lanterns shaped flora, fauna, until the popular character. This location is very suit for the couple because the view is quite romantic.

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2.      Forest Pines

Mangunan Forest is located in Dlingo, Mangunan, Bantul. Lots of people who have come here with a partner to express the love. This place has a cool view to capture in the camera. Mangunan Pine Forest become one of the favorite photo spots for couples.

3.      Kalibiru

This one nature tourism located at Kalibiru, Hargowilis, Kokap, Kulon Progo. There have been many successful couples who took this spot to tell about the heart. If you dare to accept the challenge, take her/him there and shoot show your feel.

4.      Watu Lawang

This one location can be an alternative when you want to show your feeling. This spot located in Kedungmiri, Sriharjo, Imogiri, Bantul. The Watu Lawang name taken because there is a part in the middle of huge stone, which is probably part of the ancient volcano in Gunung Kidul. This unique spot could be your choice for a couple!


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