4 Extreme Culinary in Yogyakarta, Don’t Open!

4 Extreme Culinary in Yogyakarta, Don’t Open!

Maybe not every of you are interested with extreme culinary in Jogja. Travel to Jogja is always synonymous with nature tourism and batik shopping. However, there are also alternative options for you who want an anti-mainstream holiday.

Most tourists don’t know about extreme culinary attraction in Jogja. In fact, there are many extreme culinary that you can try. For you who are bored with ordinary culinary and want to try something challenging, Jogja has a lot of extreme culinary that you must try. The culinary below is guaranteed to make you shudder.

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4 Extreme Culinary in Yogyakarta, Don’t Open!

1.      Fried grasshopper

Most people will frown when they hear this culinary. This unique culinary is one of the extreme culinary attraction in Jogja. Grasshopper which is an insect can be processed into a delicious culinary. Do not be afraid to try this processed snack, because it tastes crunchy as chips. In addition, locusts are also full of nutrients and protein.

Grasshopper itself is a typical snack of Gunung Kidul. Served with brown rice and vegetable lombok ijo, fried locusts are like every day dishes for the people of Gunung Kidul. If you are interested in trying, one of the most famous places that selling fried locusts is Lesehan Pari Gogo which is located on Wonosari Street.

2.      Processed Bat and Squirrel

If the fried grasshopper is not enough to meet your culinary desires, you might be able to try to taste fried bat. Although it sounds creepy, but bat and squirrels meat can be enjoyed like ordinary meat. Processed into a tasty and spicy, many people do not believe that they just enjoyed of bat meat and squirrels.

If you are still in doubt, maybe the benefits of bat meat and squirrels will make you a little more relieved. Bat meat is believed to cure asthma, while squirrels are said to lower high blood pressure. In Jogja, processed bat commonly called tongseng codhot, while processed squirrel is often called tongseng bajing.

If you are curious to try, immediately come to Tongseng Codhot and Bajing stall located on Bantul Street km ​​5.5. The price is $0.7 for bat and $1.2 for squirrel. This unique culinary certainly will not drain your pocket. Interested?

3.      Cobra meat

Cobra snake meat may not be unfamiliar to most people. But for you who have never tried, to taste the cobra culinary meat would require great guts. If you are brave enough to try, this menu is also available in Jogja. There is one famous restaurant in Jogja that serves all kinds of food made from cobra meat, its name is Kobra Imperial Kitchen.

Initially, the restaurant was founded in 1996 only presented traditional herbs of cobra snakes. But over time, the restaurant is growing and serving the usual menus such as soup, satay, tongseng, tom yam, burgers, and steaks made from cobra meat. The price is very affordable, ranging from $0.8-2.5.

4.      Fried cocoon

Cocoon is certainly not a reasonable culinary ingredient for most people. Some people are even surprised that the cocoon itself can be eaten. This animals are the raw material of silk cloth can also be enjoyed in a tasty processed. This is one of the extreme culinary menu in Jogja that you must taste.

This fried cocoon culinary comes from Gunung Kidul. Due to the abundance of teak trees in the area, the community took the initiative to process it into tasty food. This cuisine is known as one of Sultan Jogja’s favorite food. If you are curious, many food stalls in ​​Gunung Kidul provide a menu of fried cocoon.

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