4 Famous Bridge Attractions in Yogyakarta

4 Famous Bridge Attractions in Yogyakarta

Jogja is not just the beaches, temple, mountain, waterfall, or the palace. Jogja provides some unusual tourist attraction that is often used for photo hunter. These four bridges hits among young people in Jogja. Son, don’t miss these bridge if you visit Jogja.

4 Famous Bridge Attractions in Yogyakarta

1.      Kretek Bridge

Kretek Bridge located over the Opak River. This bridge located not far from the beach, it makes the view from the bridge more cool. The red sky as the background creates a stunning experience.

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Anyone who stop by are usually tourists who return from ​​Parangtritis and surrounding areas. This bridge is not far from Parangtritis Beach, only about 5 kilometers. If you want to come here, better to come at morning or evening, just to avoid direct sunlight.

2.      Selopamioro Bridge

Selopamiro Hanging Bridge is about 70 meters long. Since built in 2004, this bridge is able to connect the villages of Selopamioro and Sriharjo, Imogiri, Bantul. The local people in these two villages then have easy access to mutual friendship, business, and even socialize.

Well, under the suspension bridge is flowing Oyo River which has a calm river flow. For that reason, this bridge was famous because offers something different.

3.      Sermo Bridge

If you want a vacation to Sermo Reservoir at Kulon Progo, don’t forget this location. At the north side of the bridge, there are Sermo reservoir, while at the south side there are cool hills. Do not hesitate to just get out of the car and take photos as much.

For you who want to come there, you will get immediate satisfaction. One more, don’t forget to visit another attraction near Sermo reservoir. You can stop at Kalibiru attraction, because this spot also hits in Yogyakarta.

4.      Bantar Bridge, Kulon Progo

The bridge that most hits and always visited is Bantar Bridge at Kulon Progo Regency. This place is a historic bridge and built in the Dutch colonial period. In general, the length of this bridge is about 220 meters with a width of about 5 meters.

This historical object has a stretch of steel planted in the river. This steel construction is reinforced by a strand of steel wire with a diameter of about 5 cm. Beside to having a historical value, this bridge becomes the most interesting bridge to photograph.


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