4 Famous Photo Spots in Imogiri Pine Forest Yogyakarta

4 Famous Photo Spots in Imogiri Pine Forest Yogyakarta

Imogiri Pine Forest is one of the tourist attractions that located in Yogyakarta. This tourist attractions present the natural beauty. For you who look for an interesting photo spot in Jogja, you can visit this place. This place has started to be known by the outside world.

With the arrival of former president of America, Obama, this tourist spot is increasingly visited by local and international tourist. With the cool air and the towering scenery of pine trees into its own charm, every visitor can get the interesting and photogenic picture.

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To get a good photo in Imogiri Pine Forest, the entrance ticket is cheap, $0.3 for the ticket and parking fee is $0.2. Well in this place, there are some famous photo spots that became popular among Instagram users. Here are some photo spots that can be used.

4 Famous Photo Spots in Imogiri Pine Forest Yogyakarta

1.      Hammock

When you visit the pine forest, you can rent a hammock to take pictures. With a cost per hammock from $0.8, you can take a very hits picture. You can take pictures with hammocks mounted piled up to a height of about 4 meters, and of course it will be a very cool photo.

2.      Flower Garden

In Imogiri Pine Forest, there is also a colorful flower garden. There are 2 places that can be used as a photo spot set in a flower garden. The first is at the entrance gate. The second one is at the top of the pine forest. With colorful flowers and beautiful green scenery, you can get beautiful picture to show.

3.      View Point

In this pine forest, there is also a viewing post to see the beautiful scenery. Because the pine forest is practically located in the highlands, the green scenery of trees can be enjoyed and used as spot photographs. You have to wait in line to climb this viewing post.

4.      Hobbit House

There are new photo spots in this pine forest. It’s a Hobbit house. According to The Lord of The Ring movie, this house was built with a mini model. Houses with designs made of wood can be the coolest photo spot when you visit this place.

Well from the four photo spots in Imogiri Pine Forest, you can choose the coolest place or visit all photo spots. With beautiful scenery, you can get a good picture. You can visit with family or close friends. This place also provides some facilities such as public toilet, a place to eat, and others.

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