4 Important Things to Know Before You Going to Yogyakarta

4 Important Things to Know Before You Going to Yogyakarta

Jogja is one of paradise for various tourist attractions, as adventure lovers you can’t miss trips to Jogja. There are dozens of tourist attractions whit the numbers gradually increase as the development. Until now there are more than 100 tourist attractions that you can visit.

Of course, with a new atmosphere, more fresh and more fun. Keep in mind, one day is not enough to visit various tourist attractions. To be more fun, you may see some important tips to visit Jogja below.

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4 Important Things to Know Before You Going to Yogyakarta

1.      Determine your attraction in Jogja

This is important to do, because the attractions in Jogja somewhat far apart. Prepare your travel destination first, write in the note for the places you most want to visit in Jogja. Also know the address of the tourist destination in order to avoid misperception.

If you want to visit some places to Jogja, it’s good to rent a lodging between attractions. It’s more efficient, both time and energy. Use digital maps as a navigation to measure the distance to reach the destination, and to estimate travel time from your location.

2.      Determine the vehicle to go around to places of interest

Vehicles become the most important when you go to Jogja. Inside the city, you may use some transport like Trans Jogja, andong, becak, or you may rent a motorcycle. Well, if you come as group and have a plan to visit some attractions outside the city, you may take a ride with city bus or rent a car for sure. The price is not too expensive for normal days.

3.      Do not come during holiday

It’s good for you come for a vacation to Jogja not in vacation time. If possible, it is better to vacation in office day. Besides cheaper ticket prices, visitors who come was not too much so you can enjoy your holiday with fun.

If you come during the holidays, many lodging are booked by other visitor. Then the streets are more jammed than ordinary days, and it will make your time wasted more than usual day.

4.      Write down all estimated cost

Write down the travel cost estimation is important, so can control your money. Generally, there are many places to eat in Jogja have affordable prices. You can use your bargaining skills for the goods you want, but within reasonable limits of course.

So for this, you should prepare the same budget with the price you usually meet in your place. In addition, later on you will find out if it has been counted all, so that your expenses can remain stable with this note.

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