4 Local Fast Foods in Yogyakarta You Can Ignore

4 Local Fast Foods in Yogyakarta You Can Ignore

Looking for cheap fast food in Yogyakarta is not easy. Mostly fast foods have cheap price, but in Indonesia, the menu in fast food usually have a fairly expensive price. Now, many people make fast food restaurant with a much affordable price.

The main menu was made similar to the American-style fast food, ranging from fried chicken, frie potato, or burgers. If you’re curious, check out for some of best-known fast food restaurants in Yogyakarta with unique names.

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4 Local Fast Foods in Yogyakarta You Can Ignore

1.      Olive, Popeye, and Brutus Fried Chicken

The most existing brand of these three places is Olive. Olive himself stood a long way after Jogcik, but now Olive’s prestige is higher than Jogcik because many say it tastes better. The price ranges between $0.7 for white package with chicken and a cup of tea, and $0.8 for white rice with fried chicken and soda.

While about Popeye, the interesting is quite a variety of menus such as Pop Pop Snack and Thigh Strips. The price is also very affordable, which is between $0.6 for the same menu. As for Brutus, this brand is somewhat less heard again. Maybe, now it is closed.

2.      Rocket Chicken

You can also try to taste the delicious variety of menu option at Rocket Chicken. This chain also provide a menu of flour steak, Chinese food, and fried rice. The branch of Rocket Chicken spread throughout Java ranging from Yogyakarta, Central Java, East Java, to West Java.

For the price, Rocket Chicken sells white rice with fried chicken and ice tea starting from $0.6. For other menus such as flour steak + drink and fried rice + drink priced at $0.8. Well, if you want a steak with a cheap price, maybe you can try Rocket Chicken.

3.      Yogya Chicken

Yogya Chicken is better known as “Jogcik”. As the name implies, this fast food franchise comes from Yogyakarta. The first shop is made of bamboo and is located in Gejayan. Currently, Jogcik is spread all over in Yogyakarta, and even has some branches in other cities.

The main package in Jogcik is white rice with fried chicken and a cup of tea. The price ranging from $0.4-1. For other menus such as burgers and fries, the price ranges from $0.5. Very affordable, right?

4.      Donald Fried Chicken

The last fast food is Donald Fried Chicken. This local fast food sell a standard fast food menu package, such as fried chicken and soda. Donald Fried Chicken is not as famous as other local fast food, but worth to try due the price is quite affordable, about $0.7 for white rice with fried chicken and beverages.

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