4 Monthly Night Events in Yogyakarta You Can Enjoy

4 Monthly Night Events in Yogyakarta You Can Enjoy

Jogjakarta is a city of culture. Currently, many overseas tourist are targeting the city of Jogja to complete their holiday. With so many visitor from outside Jogja, of course this city want to introduce their culture and pamper the visitor to feel at home.

For culture and art, there are several performances that are held every month in Jogja, of course often get big attention. Here are some monthly events in Yogyakarta you can visit at night.

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4 Monthly Night Events in Yogyakarta You Can Enjoy

1.      Shadow Puppets

The wayang kulit show becomes one of the monthly events that you can enjoy. The event is usually held in Padepokan Keraton Jogja every Saturday at second week of each month. The event starts at 8 pm until early morning, and became one of the demanded events.

2.      Jogja Last Friday Ride

Other monthly events you can enjoy is Jogja Last Friday Ride. This event is an invitation to the bicycle community on every last Friday of each month. If you have a bike, you can participate to get around the city of Jogja to spend the night.

3.      Lelagu

While for you who like indie music, Lelagu could be one of the events you can enjoy. This musical event will mix acoustic and art music. Usually famous indie and cutting edge musicians in Jogja become the performers of this event. You can enjoy this event in Kedai Kebun Forum at Tirtodipuran Street, start from 8 pm.

4.      Soundcloud YK

Soundcloud YK is a community of musicians who often upload their songs in Soundcloud. Every month this community holds small acoustic music performances as well as workshops. The place itself is not fixed. They move around a lot.

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