4 Simple Tips to Enjoy the Extreme Merapi Lava Tour Yogyakarta

4 Simple Tips to Enjoy the Extreme Merapi Lava Tour Yogyakarta

Merapi Lava Tour is one of the adrenaline attraction that only available in Jogja. Many tourists from out of town choose Merapi Lava Tour to fill their holiday. Here are some tips that should be considered before starting an adrenaline tour in the area of ​​Mount Merapi!

As the name implies, through this tour you will enjoy the area of ​​Mount Merapi by riding a jeep car. There are dozens of jeep cars are rented to enjoy the natural beauty around the area of ​​Mount Merapi. One jeep unit can be charged up to 4 people. To pay for a jeep rental, you can rent with friends or other travelers. Here are tips on enjoying Merapi Lava Tour!

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4 Simple Tips to Enjoy the Extreme Merapi Lava Tour Yogyakarta

1.      Cheap tips to rent jeep

To enjoy this attraction you have to queue up with other travelers. Jeep car rental price about $30 for 1.5-2 hours. The price range will be adjusted with the route, you can skip or add some route.

The longer route will be more expensive the rental costs. There are several types of tour packages that can be selected, such as short, medium, and long routes with a duration about 2-4 hours.

2.      Determine the time

Because it is a type of outdoor tour, make sure you choose the right time, for example at the dry season. Besides free from the rain, you can also be satisfied to take pictures or videos while adventuring without getting blocked by rain. Doing the tour in the dry time is also somewhat safer because the road conditions are not slippery due to rain.

3.      Avoid excessive eating

Beside to the financial side, also consider the condition of your body. Because off road will pass through a steep road, you will feel the sensation of a different journey with a smooth highway. When the jeep through the streets up and down is not uncommonly stomach felt shaken. That’s why don’t eat too much when you want to follow this adrenaline tour.

4.      Don’t forget to bring a mask

Lastly, don’t forget to bring a mask! Masks are an important item to protect your respiratory. The terrain of Merapi Lava Tour will certainly cause the dust that can interfere with the convenience of tourists. Therefore don’t forget to wear a mask. Also, bring a hat and glasses to protect your head and your eyes.

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