4 Tips Cheap Traveling in Yogyakarta with a Fix Budget

4 Tips Cheap Traveling in Yogyakarta with a Fix Budget

There are many attractions in Jogja that you can visit. All you can get with cheap prices, from city attractions, to culinary attraction. If you want to hang out, you can also get cheap price. Just try to follow these 4 tips, so your holiday in Jogja will be cheap. Although cheap, but your traveling can still be fun!

4 Tips Cheap Traveling in Yogyakarta with a Fix Budget

1.      Never eat at the mall, many cheap alternatives

In Jogja, the food prices are usually relatively cheap. Instead of you spend money to buy fast-food or chain food that already available in various cities, better looking for typical culinary of Jogja.

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Gudeg Jogja, oseng-oseng mercon, geplak, and many typical Jogja food can be obtained with $2. You will stay full while traveling in Jogja, and you can keep your money.

2.      Go to the cheap attraction

Instead of spending time in places that have expensive ticket prices, just try to explore tourist attractions in Jogja with cheap ticket prices. You can try a lot! Candi Ijo, Malioboro, Breksi Cliffs, and many others are examples of tourist attractions in Jogja are cheap and easy to reach.

3.      If you want to go anywhere in town, use public transportation

Rather than rent your car, it is better to use public transportation that is already available such as Trans Jogja Bus. Only $0.3 for the ticket price.

If you want a more comfortable, you can use motor-taxi online in Jogja. The area of ​​Jogja city that is not too big makes the price affordable.

4.      Bring your own drink during travel

Buy a bottled drink is one of the biggest expenses that unexpected when you traveling. The taste to buy something will be reduced drastically by drinking the water. Bring your bottles everywhere to avoid dehydration.

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