4 Tips to Get Fun Holiday in Yogyakarta without Travel Agent

4 Tips to Get Fun Holiday in Yogyakarta without Travel Agent

Even you visit to Jogja for the first time, it does not mean to follow the travel agent. Anyone can explore the beauty of this city by making their own vacation plans. Jogja often used as a destination for the traveler to fill their vacation.

How come? Besides having many tourist destinations such as beaches, mountains, historic places to culinary places, Jogja is famous for its low cost of living. So it does not require a large budget to get around in this area.

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Jogja seemed to have its own magnet that attracts the traveler to visit. No wonder if every holiday season comes, this city is always so crowded with the tourists, both local and international. This is certainly open the opportunity of travel agents to offer their services Jogja.

4 Tips to Get Fun Holiday in Yogyakarta without Travel Agent

1.      No need to hire the travel agents for a vacation to Jogja

For the first time tourists who want to visit Jogja, the travel agent will be the solution. But for tourists with a limited budget, using the travel agent may have to be considered twice. The fees for travel agents can be used for other useful things such as traveling around Jogja, or simply buying gifts for the family.

Moreover, with adequate tourist facilities, it is not difficult to make your own planning to Jogja. Even traveling alone will not be a problem, the locals are friendly and already accustomed to dealing with tourists.

2.      Pick the time

Before dizzy with an itinerary, the first thing to know about is about the time for the holidays. Although it can be visited anytime, Jogja has several events held in certain months. If you visit Jogja in this month, it will certainly add to the impression of your vacation.

The best time to visit Jogja is in May, August, and Early December. August to be the right choice to enjoy the summer. You can enjoy the beauty of the beach on the southern coast of Jogja with various kinds of natural charm. At early December, there is sekaten ritual which is the biggest traditional ceremony in Yogyakarta.

3.      Book tickets and lodging

After determining the time, it is time to book travel and lodging tickets since long days. Many alternative transportation to go to Jogja, starting from plane, train, to bus. You can hunt for cheap airline tickets from far-away days, you may use promo to get a discount.

If you choose to use the train, the budget starting from $8, depending on the selected class. Other cheaper alternative, bus can be an option. Some locations such as Sosrowijayan or Prawirotaman can be the right choice to stay with varied prices ranging from $8.

4.      Make travel plans or itinerary

When you decided not to use the travel agents, it means you can freely choose the route of travel. If you do not have an overview, don’t worry. Lots of things to do in Jogja. Starting from the historical tour at Keraton Jogjakarta, nature attraction at Pok Tunggal beach, to culinary tour in angkringan around Tugu.

5.      Transportation during stay in Jogja

Before arriving in Jogja, search first full information about the transportation that will be used to around this city. If you stay around Malioboro, just walk to visit the nearest tourist attractions such as Keraton Jogja or Alun-alun Kidul.

If the tourist destination is located away from the city center, you can use public transportation like Trans Jogja. Renting a motorcycle or car may also be an option, especially if the attractions you want to visit are difficult to reach by public transport. To rent a car, usually priced from $25 for 24 hours.

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