4 Tips to Get Special Holiday in Yogyakarta

4 Tips to Get Special Holiday in Yogyakarta

Jogja has always been one of the favorite cities for millions of tourists for holidays. To avoid things that are less desirable during the holidays, here are some tips that need to be considered. So your travel agenda in Yogyakarta more special!

4 Tips to Get Special Holiday in Yogyakarta

1.      Go in early morning

If you want picnic, it suits to you to go in early morning. Especially if you plan to enjoy outdoor attractions such as beaches, forests, parks, or zoos. Beside to avoid the heat, starting the journey in the morning will keep you from the jams that often occur in various streets in Jogja.

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2.      Perfect Preparation

Every vacation needs a good preparation, also for special holiday in Jogja. Besides preparing cameras and clothes according to the tourist location, prepare also a provision of healthy foods or drinks that will support your activities during the holidays.

Especially if you are planning a walk in a place far enough from downtown Jogja such as Pindul Cave, Nglambor Beach, Parangtritis Beach, or Imogiri Pine Forest. Besides sufficient needs during the holidays, you may bring a tent or mat to build a camp in some attraction.

3.      Be Smart to Choose a Route

Next make sure you are smart enough to choose a tourist route while on vacation in Jogja. For example, you can choose to enjoy the zero point of Jogja. Besides you can visit Malioboro, you can also visit various other tourist destinations around the area.

Some attraction you can find around Maliobor such as Yogyakarta Palace, Taman Pintar, Vredeburg Fort, or Taman Sari. So when you want to enjoy other tourist attractions, make sure you can enjoy several sights in one way.

4.      Prepare the cash

There are various entertainment that you can enjoy while on vacation in Jogja. Beside to tourist attractions with all the facilities it has, Jogja also offers unique entertainment from street artists. In Malioboro, this entertainment also appears in various corners.

You must know that, many tourist attractions in Yogyakarta just accept the cash only. So you to bring any cash wherever you go, but don’t be over. Jut bring enough.

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