4 Ways to Avoid the Traffic Jam in Yogyakarta

4 Ways to Avoid the Traffic Jam in Yogyakarta

Spending the time in Jogja can be an option for you who like to shop for cheap batik and culinary. Jogja known for its wide selection of cultural tourism, and famous as one destination for a vacation. As one of the favorite destinations in Indonesia, Jogja will always be crowded.

The jam in Jogja is a common thing, especially in high season like December. The number of vehicle volume will be increased drastically. The road to popular destinations will filled by many vehicles. As one of the favorite tourist destinations, the cause of traffic jams in Yogyakarta is diverse.

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The number of visitor and the capacity of roads that are not able to accommodate, are the main reason why the traffic jam happened. In order your vacation is not stuck, here are some tips to avoid the traffic jams in Jogja.

4 Ways to Avoid the Traffic Jam in Yogyakarta

1.      Recognize the traffic jam points in Jogja

The main tips to avoid traffic jam in Jogja is to know where the jam point is. Although the cause of traffic jam in Jogja is diverse and conditional, there are some free road you can take. By mapping out the main jam points, you can prepare an alternative path, so you do not get stuck and waste your time on the journey.

For example, if you plan to visit Malioboro, you can come from Pasar Kembang direction, and park your car in the parking lot near Tugu Yogyakarta Station. Alternatively, you can park your vehicle in Mangkubumi Street then continue with a little walk to Malioboro.

2.      Depart early

Although not as bad as other big cities, traffic jams in Jogja can often make you frustrated. Especially for you who are not too familiar with the streets of Jogja, stuck in traffic on the road would be a bad experience in your vacation. One of the main tricks to avoid traffic jam in Jogja is by leaving early.

If your travel route requires you to pass the jam point, then you should leave early to avoid getting stuck. Some jam points are usually only crowded at certain times, such as in rush hours. If you are going to a tourist attraction that requires you to pass through the traffic jams, you should take another way to avoid.

3.      Don’t forget to use the digital maps

The streets of Jogja are not as complex as Jakarta or other big cities. But for you who first visit to Jogja, it would be difficult to find an alternative route. If asked to local people, they will usually show the direction by calling the wind.

For example, to reach Yogyakarta Station from Tugu Jogja, they will reply “from the monument, take the road to the south, the station is on the west of the road”. This is certainly a problem for you who want to avoid traffic jams in Jogja. Some apps even has a feature to show the jam point, so you can avoid the road.

4.      Riding a bicycle

Instead of exploring the city by car, it might be a good idea to consider using a bicycle to avoid traffic jams in Jogja. The street situation in Yogyakarta sometimes crowded with vehicles, and you can ride a bicycle to get around. Beside to able to break the traffic jam, at the same time you can exercise and burn fat.

Although it sounds inconvenient and tiring, cycling in Jogja City is also very fun because there are many tourist attraction that you can visit by bicycle. Cultural tourism destinations such as Kotagede and Kotabaru, can be an option for you to enjoy the ancient architecture.

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