4 Yogyakarta Tourist Attractions Never Visited by Bacpacker

4 Yogyakarta Tourist Attractions Never Visited by Bacpacker

Yogyakarta has always been the main destination today. Various kinds of tourism you can enjoy for free, no matter if you walk, or by traditional transport. With so many attractions, in fact, not every attractions ever explored by backpacker or tourist. You may consider these spots on your itinerary.

4 Yogyakarta Tourist Attractions Never Visited by Bacpacker

1.      Sadeng Beach

A memorable holiday always leaves a message. Similarly, when you visit a beach in ​​Gunung Kidul, Sadeng Beach. This beach has a charming landscape with limestone hills surrounding it. There are also towering trees, standing on the colorful fishing boats. Blue-green seawater adds the charm of this beach.

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Looks like you are playing in aquarium. There are fish sellers who offer sharks and rays. Unfortunately, this beach can’t be used for swimming. Although called the beach, Sadeng actually serves as a fish auction.

2.      Tritis Tea Garden in Samigaluh

Tritis Tea Garden is located in Ngargosari, Samigaluh, Kulon Progo. The road to the tea garden is quite challenging because you must pass the streets that quite extreme. Tritis Tea Garden looks very well maintained and clean. There is a house under a tea garden that serves as a resting place. In this place you can taste and buy tea that processed directly from Tritis tea garden.

To explore the tea gardens, you can use the walkways. The expanse of tea plant looks beautiful and soothing eye. When you reach the top of the tea garden, you will be pampered with views of Menoreh hills that look beautiful from a distance.

3.      Jati Sari Cave

This cave is not much to know. If you ask people around the area, maybe the people surround area will also ask back. Uniquely, this location is still beautiful and you can see the river and the mountain that stretches. If you are an adrenaline-like traveler, this place is perfect because the path is really challenging.

To get to this location, prepare a number of gears, bring enough water and food because there is no stall. Not much signpost you can find here, because the visitor still rare.

4.      Palgading Temple

This temple is a site that until now still in the form of ruins. Not many people know this place because the location is in the middle of the settlement of residents, it takes patience to find this location.

What is interesting about this place is the statue of Avalokitesvara and Aksobhya which shows this site is a Mahayana Buddhist temple. However, to realize that the security of these two statues is inviolable, this temple temporary closed. This temple located at Jalan Jogja – Solo Km.15, Kalasan, Bogem, Sleman.


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