5 Attractions You Can Find if You Stay at Malioboro Yogyakarta

5 Attractions You Can Find if You Stay at Malioboro Yogyakarta

Jogja always become the most enjoyable place to vacation. Once you visit, you will memorized the wisdom and the warm. Especially if you know about many tourist attractions in this city that you can visit. Attraction in Jogja is already complete.

It consists of various elements such as natural attractions, historical tours, religious tours, even culinary tours, there are all in this city. For this reason, the local and international tourists always increase from year to year. One of the tourist attractions in Jogja that you definitely know is Malioboro. This location is a tourist spot that is always busy visited by the tourists.

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Malioboro has become a shopping paradise for tourists. In order to keep your holiday more comfortable, it would be nice if you look for lodging around Malioboro Street. Stay at Malioboro has own advantages, because a lot of attractions located around Malioboro. You can reach even by walking.

5 Attractions You Can Find if You Stay at Malioboro Yogyakarta

1.      Beringharjo Market

This place is paradise for gifts that you can bring home. Lots of stuff you can get here. You will be able to find T-shirts, batik, souvenirs, and various souvenir from a market that has existed since 1758 ago. To be sure, you have to be smart in bargaining here.

2.      Vredeburg Fort

You will meet the Vredeburg Fort if you walk along this Malioboro Street. This fort has always been a tourist destination for travelers. Besides you can see the history of Jogja, you will cool spots. You can captures the various spot which are good.

3.      Zero Kilometer Zone

This spot became the center of young people of Jogja to gather at night. This Zero Point zone is at the end of Malioboro. This place is never quiet at all, even at night will be more crowded. Especially if you come at the weekend. Lot of entertainments are held at this location.

4.      Keraton Jogja

Also located near Malioboro area. Just walk through Zero Point zone. It is incomplete if you do not visit a tourist place that has a long name Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat while in Jogja. Once you enter into it, you will find a lot of collections of relics of the past. Many things that you can get in this palace.

5.      Taman Sari

Taman Sari is a former water palace with ancient architecture. Taman Sari is estimated to be the building where the king and their maids do bathing. There are 3 baths here. The building is often visited because of the many cool spots to capture.

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