5 Beauty Nights at Yogyakarta That Make You Fall in Love

5 Beauty Nights at Yogyakarta That Make You Fall in Love

Yogyakarta is indeed endless. As many have said, Yogya always gives stories and love. No matter this city is made of what, but comfortable travel in this city can be felt anytime. In the cold night, you can still explore many interesting attraction that can make you fall in love.

Enjoying Yogyakarta at night will give you a lot of beautiful memory until it feels good to go home. Here are some interesting attractions in Yogyakarta that you can enjoy at night. Are you ready to fall in love?

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5 Beauty Nights at Yogyakarta That Make You Fall in Love

1.      Maliobro area

Malioboro is one of the icon of Yogyakarta that can be visited anytime. In the morning, you’ll find lots of souvenir merchants selling their wares along the way. At night, you will find a culinary paradise of Yogyakarta that stretches from end to end.

You can walk while enjoying the beauty of the lights, see the unique nightlife of Malioboro, until the culinary attraction until your stomach are full. Visiting Malioboro in the evening will make you fall in love instantly until it seems you want to continue to enjoy this very distinctive beauty.

2.      Tugu Yogyakarta

It can’t be denied if one of the most interesting attractions at night is located in Tugu ​Yogyakarta. Here, you will find the legendary monument built by the first king as a symbol of unification of Mount Merapi, the Sultan’s Palace, and of course the South Sea.

Every night, Tugu Yogyakarta is always crowded by many people. Photography enthusiasts are always gathering here to hunt for good pictures. In certain events, Tugu Yogyakarta area is also often flooded by youth communities of Yogyakarta.

3.      Alun-Alun Kidul Yogyakarta

The south square of Yogyakarta has many unique stories in it. Here you can do interesting things like going through between two banyan tress by closing your eyes. Surprisingly, everyone who walks can’t be straight. All turned in the other direction even being tried many times.

Beside to this unique game, you can walk around, hunt photos, or ride a colorful bike that has been decorated with lights. Visiting the south square in the night will give you a mystical yet fun sensation that it’s impossible for you not to fall in love instantly.

4.      Bukit Bintang

One of the best tourist spot you can visit during night in Yogyakarta is Bukit Bintang. This hilly area will give you an amazing experience while enjoying the night. From this hill, you can enjoy the beautiful stars in the sky that always blink on you.

In this place you can “stargazing” while enjoying the atmosphere of a quiet night, or having a romantic dinner on the hill. Visiting Bukit Bintang is the right choice to fall in love with Yogyakarta, dare to try?

5.      Ramayana Ballet

Visiting Yogyakarta without seeing Ramayana Ballet will make you regret. Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, in Prambanan Temple there is a colossal dance performance with the famous Ramayana play. Here, you can see the dancers performing with a beautiful movement to describe the story.

Oh yes, when going to visit Ramayana Ballet, do not forget to bring empty memory card. Every movement and attraction in this show is really so interesting to capture. Watching the Ramayana Ballet will instantly make you fall in love with Yogyakarta.


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