5 Best Javanese Noodles in Yogyakarta You Must Taste

5 Best Javanese Noodles in Yogyakarta You Must Taste

Jogja is known as a warehouse of Javanese noodles. If you can use hyperbolic language, every 100 meters you can find Javanese noodle stall in Jogja. Some have become legends, some are pioneer. Some of them are tented stalls accompanied by tinged lamps, some of them are permanent restaurants.

But there is still a common stall which use the charcoal as cooking fuel. This charcoal flame adds its own flavor to the taste of cuisine, so the Javanese noodle is always so excellent. Many who think the taste of Javanese noodles cooked with charcoal more delicious than using a modern gas stove.

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5 Best Javanese Noodles in Yogyakarta You Must Taste

1.      Bakmi Pele

Bakmi Pele has become a place of tourists who want to find the warm boiled noodle. Bakmi Pele Stall is located in Alun-alun Utara (North Square). Every night this stall is always crowded with culinary lovers. A delicious savage chicken broth mixed with yellow noodles and vermicelli, coupled with vegetables such as tomatoes and cabbage.

The accompaniment of the songs of the street singers who always perform adds a tasty atmosphere at night in this shop. There are many public figures who are interested to prove the delicacy of Javanese noodles.

2.      Bakmi Kadin

There are two versions of the origin of the name Bakmi Kadin. First, it is called Bakmi Kadin because its location is behind the office of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin). The second version, called Kadin because the abbreviation of the founder, namely Karto Kasidin.

Spacious place makes visitors feel at home to eat at this eatery. Besides the Javanese noodle that became the main dish in this shop, there is also bajigur as traditional beverage, to add the warm when you eat noodles.

3.      Bakmi Mbah Mo

Located in Code, Trirenggo, Bantul, this noodle is always hunted by culinary lovers. Although the location is hidden and need a little guide to get here, but the taste is undoubtable. The key of enjoying Bakmi Mbah Mo is patience, because the noodles are cooked one by one.

But, it’s worth, because Mbah Mo noodle taste is extraordinary delicious. Then, do not come here in a rush hour. Besides to make uncomfortable, you need to patience for the orders to come. Here, the noodles are cooked one by one to maintain the quality.

4.      Bakmi Shibitsu

Like a Japanese food stall, but this Javanese noodle stall. This noodle stall is serve a variety of noodle and fried rice menu like most noodle stalls. You can also order chicken rica which is also a mainstay from a stall that located at Bantul Street, No 106.

Besides Javanese noodles, many culinary lover order a hot tea as a loyal companion to eat noodles. The tea is quiet bitter, and condensed into a second favorite after a noodle.

5.      Bakmi Mbah Gito

Do not forget to bring a camera or a mobile phone if you come to this stall. The interior is unique, and eye catchy, with many wooden ornaments used. So, besides enjoying delicious Javanese noodles, you can also take pictures.

The atmosphere of this noodle stall is also convenient, so it could also be a place to hang out and chat with friends or family. The uniform of the waitress is also typical, wearing a lurik motifs. Where else you can enjoy a Javanese noodles with unique atmosphere?

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