5 Best Spots in Yogyakarta for Your Itinerary

5 Best Spots in Yogyakarta for Your Itinerary

Yogyakarta is not a strange name for a vacation. With all its privileges, Jogja will always make visitors amazed and feel the things exciting and fun. From here, no doubt if many people who have been to Jogja want to return again.

Well for you who are planning a vacation to Jogja, then you should have a list of the best tourist attraction to visit. Here are some of the best spot for your itinerary in Yogyakarta.

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5 Best Spots in Yogyakarta for Your Itinerary

1.      Keraton Jogja

In the south of Malioboro, you can also find other interesting sights which is Keraton Jogja. Keraton Jogja itself is the palace and residence of the sultan. This tourist spot is 2 km’s from Malioboro, you can find Javanese culture is very thick in this site.

In Keraton Jogja, there are many things related Javanese culture that can be obtained. From the architecture of the building, the palace servants with clothes and attitudes, until some cultural performances of Java. With a wide area, you can take a walk down to palace complex.

2.      Malioboro

The best spot for your itinerary in Yogyakarta, of course, is Malioboro. Malioboro is actually a row of street vendors with many souvenir stalls. Even it is only a street vendor but the charm of Maliboro always invites appeal. This is because Malioboro brings a memorable atmosphere in the middle of Jogja city. It is not just street vendors in Malioboro.

Here you can shop at Pasar Beringhardjo, ride an andong, rickshaws, or just relax at the bench. Surely the crowd of Malioboro in the middle of Jogja City always makes a deep impression. Just because of many tourists who fall in love with Malioboro make this place as a tourist icon of Yogyakarta.

3.      Prambanan Temple

Located in Sleman, you can find a largest Hindu temple in Indonesia, an extraordinary Prambanan Temple. Prambaban Temple designated UNESCO as a world heritage site. Besides holding the status of the largest Hindu temple, the temple is also dubbed as one of the most beautiful temples in Southeast Asia.

In Prambanan temple, you can walk down and explore. Well, one of the charms of Prambanan Temple that you can find is the statue of Durga Mahisasuramardini near Shiva temple.

4.      Ratu Boko Temple

Some say Ratu Boko is a temple, but some say a palace. While you’re here, you will not find a palace. But by looking at the relics in Ratu Boko, many believe this place is a palace. Precisely, Ratu Boko is a lost palace. Even the palace is gone, but some of the things left here will make anyone unnerved.

This temple is in Bokoharjo, Prambanan, Sleman. Here you can find some remnants such as palace gates, princess complex, hall, burning temple, cave, pond, stone piled, and Budhha stupas. During the afternoon, you can also find a sunset which is very beautiful.

5.      Parangtritis Beach

Lastly, the best spot for your itinerary in Yogyakarta is Parangtritis Beach. The beach is very legendary, and often called the most popular attraction in Yogyakarta. With the typical waves of the south coast, here you will get an exciting experience to explore the entire beach.

Although you can’t swim due the big waves, but just relax and play at the sand beach will be interesting activities to do. Especially when the afternoon arrived, a beautiful sunset you can enjoy in this Parangtritis Beach.

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