5 Clever Ways to Enjoy Yogyakarta Culinary

5 Clever Ways to Enjoy Yogyakarta Culinary

Jogja is always special. The charm of the beauty and culture attracted the tourists both. Touring to Jogja is incomplete if you don’t taste various kinds of culinary Jogja that legendary.

There are many culinary attractions in Yogyakarta that ready to pamper your tongue. Therefore, it takes special tips for you to enjoy culinary attraction in Jogja.

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5 Clever Ways to Enjoy Yogyakarta Culinary

1.      Find info about culinary attraction in Jogja

Before making a tour, you should find some info about various culinary attractions in Yogyakarta that recommended to visit. You can get information about it by browsing on the internet. Read the respective reviews of culinary attractions and write a list of the stall you want to visit.

To get culinary info Jogja, you can also divide it into some categories, culinary at the day, or night. You can divide it based on the location, for example place to eat near Malioboro, culinary attraction near Gunung Kidul.

2.      Arrange the priority list of culinary tour

There are many culinary attractions in Jogja that are famous for its deliciousness, with its uniqueness, there is even a culinary place in Jogja that is hits this time, or a famous culinary place due ever visited by local actor. You need to compile a list of priorities of any culinary place you want to visit.

You are not be able to visit in 2 or 3 days. You can build a priority list based on the level of reviews on the internet, based on the direction of travel, or based on the budget you have. You can also set priorities based on your favorite foods. This priority list will make it easier for you to arrange travel schedules during visit Jogja.

3.      See the map of Jogja city

After compiling a list of culinary place in Jogja, don’t forget to see the map of Jogja in order to develop an efficient travel strategy. Decide where the initial location and then what destinations you will visit.

Try to choose the culinary place in the same direction with the attraction you want to visit during in Jogja to make the time and the cost more efficient. For example, if you have a schedule to around Mount Merapi, you can find the famous culinary attractions around Mount Merapi.

4.      Arrange the schedule of culinary place

You should also arrange travel schedules during the Jogja, considering the number of tourist destinations and the culinary places are quite a lot. This trip schedule will help you to enjoy the city of Jogja maximally with limited time.

Besides preparing an itinerary, other important thing to do is to adhere to the schedule. As good as any schedule made if it is not obeyed culinary attraction and tourist destination you want to visit.

5.      Give attention to culinary budget

A culinary tour would require funds. When looking for info about culinary attractions in Jogja, don’t forget to find info about the range of budget that needed in each location. This will help you to determine how much money you need to bring. Don’t get your pocket out in the middle of journey.

6.      Don’t forget to capture it

Travel and culinary attraction will be complete if captured in the form of pictures. A picture not only become documentation but can save the travel memory. So prepare a good camera or at least a phone that has a high resolution camera to get the maximum picture.

When stopping at a culinary tour, don’t forget to take a photo of the dish before you eat it. You can also upload it to social media that you have, so that the memories of this culinary can last long. Perhaps the location you visit can inspire other to enjoy the same culinary when they stop in Jogja.

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