5 Eating Places in Yogyakarta for Your Christmas

5 Eating Places in Yogyakarta for Your Christmas

Christmas is the right moment to gather with family. Your quality time with your family during Christmas definitely requires a supportive place. The atmosphere of Christmas night certainly will be more memorable when enjoyed by hanging out with family.

If you are going to celebrate Christmas and are looking for a restaurant for Christmas Eve in Jogja, here some restaurant choices that can be considered.

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5 Eating Places in Yogyakarta for Your Christmas

1.      Mediterranea Restaurant by Kamil

One of the restaurant for Christmas Eve in Jogja is Mediterranea Restaurant. The main menu at this restaurant is Mediterranean cuisine with the main characteristics of olive oil. Some of the menu includes pizza, pasta, Carpacio Duck Breast, and Chicken Shis Kebab. For drinks and dessert menu, Mediterranea also has various types.

The price for the food ranges from $3-5 for pizza, while other food menu is priced $5-12. For the drinks, the price is also not too expensive, which is about $1.7. While the dessert menu is priced from $1.7-2.3. This Mediterranea includes a family restaurant, and there is also a special room if you want a more private atmosphere.

2.      Sasanti Restaurant

Sasanti Restaurant offers a mixed traditional atmosphere between Java and Bali. The restaurant is also completed with an art gallery. For the food menu, there is a wide selection of Indonesian dishes as well as western cuisine. You can try ordering Rice Two Colors and fried chicken or mutton, Nasi Campur Sasanti Special, and Nasi Campur Langgi as a popular menu at Sasanti.

As for the menu western cuisine, you can try Barbeque Ribs, Lamb Rack, Sirloin Steak, to Turkey Kebab. The menu price at Sasanti Restaurant is similar to Mediterranea Restaurant. The price of the Indonesian menu is priced at a $1-2, while western appetizers are priced $2.3. For the main menu of Indonesian cuisine is around $3-5. For drinks, the price is $1-2.5.

3.      Saffron Restaurant

Saffron Restaurant is located inside Hotel Grand Aston Yogyakarta. There is available indoor and outdoor seating, making the dinner atmosphere more intimate. Saffron is known for its restaurants that often provide unique seasonal promotions. Some examples are Ragam Rasa, which is All You Can Eat Buffet Dinner every Saturday night with the price of $6.

For non-promo menu, the recommendation is G.I. Jo or Giant Iga by Chef Jojo. The ribs weigh 2 kg and can be eaten for 3-4 people, so you can enjoy this menu with your family. The price of G.I. Jo is $12 for one portion. Meanwhile, the beverage starting from $2.5.

4.      R & B Grill

If you are looking for restaurant for Christmas Eve in Jogja that specialize in steak and meat menu, this restaurant can be an option. R & B Grill is famous as one of the best steak restaurants in Jogja. This restaurant is attached to the Javanese feel and there is a green garden in the middle. Besides providing steak, R & B also has a meat shop, snack and imported ingredients.

The meat used in this restaurant is 100% imported. The priced from $7 for Aus tenderloin, and $23 for Wagyu. A wide selection of potatoes is available here, from potato wedges, crisscuts, au gratin, and other. As a family restaurant, R & B Grill provides indoor and outdoor seating. Guaranteed you will feel comfortable because the steak is good and the place is comfortable.

5.      Canting Restaurant

The last restaurant for Christmas Eve in Jogja is Canting Restaurant. This unique restaurant is located in the rooftop Galeria Mall. You can go directly to this restaurant by using a special elevator that can be accessed from the parking. One of the most outstanding of these restaurants is its comfortable atmosphere.

Because it is located in rooftop, you can enjoy the flickering lights and panorama of Jogja City from a height. The price of the menu is quite affordable, on average $4-5.5, with the most expensive price is about $7. There are menu western and Indonesia as well. Some examples are Canting Joss Burger and Short Ribs Adobo. The most popular menu is Wagyu & Petai Fried Rice.

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