5 Epic Attractions in Yogyakarta for Your Instagram Feed

5 Epic Attractions in Yogyakarta for Your Instagram Feed

It’s special for you who often capture the moment for your Instagram feed, these location is perfect for you. Don’t be jealous when you see your feed is fulled with some epic picture from your friend. You can do the same, just try to visit these attraction.

5 Epic Attractions in Yogyakarta for Your Instagram Feed

1.      Breksi Cliffs

Once declared by the Local Government, Breksi Cliff became the favorite location of the photo hunter for Instagram. In general, stone mining activities in this location are now prohibited. Furthermore, this mining area then used as a natural attraction. The location is quite close to Ijo Temple.

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2.      Mangunan

Beside you are in height, you can see the beautiful nature of Mangunan Fruit Garden. Many plants you can see as well as buying fruit directly from the plant. Or, you can taste the sweet fruit directly from the tree. Call it durian, mango, rambutan, guava water, orange, sawo, matoa, guava, cempedak, kelengkeng, mangosteen, and others.

3.      Kalibiru

This nature tourism always brings its own exoticism. If you like nature tourism that is cool and friendly, Kalibiru can be the right answer. Located on Kulon Progo regency, Kalibiru is the best place for escape. If you want to get a cool photo spot, you can climb up the ladder and sit and look around the panorama.

4.      Ngetun Beach

Unique indeed, because this beach surrounded by towering trees and beautiful white sand. Because the location is quite steep, Ngetun Beach is relatively still clean. Don’t be surprised if you see the local people often fishing and look for lobsters there. When the sea water recedes, you can see small coral, seaweed and various other marine biota.

5.      Taman Sari

Many of you already know Taman Sari because the location is in the city center and only a hundred meters from the Jogja Palace. This cultural building is worth to visit during your holidays. For information, Taman Sari was a sacral place.


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