5 Exotic Places in Yogyakarta to Chase Sunset

5 Exotic Places in Yogyakarta to Chase Sunset

As the day slowly ends, the twilight begins to show, and finally you look forward when the sun goes home. Sunset always be a wonderful thing, especially for photographers. Not only about the density of the golden lights on the horizon, but becomes a moments that can be lasting in our heads.

If you are a sunset catcher, come to Yogyakarta area. Here you can find a lot of spots that you can use as a place to see the stunning sunset. Here are the references that you can visit right now while in Yogyakarta.

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5 Exotic Places in Yogyakarta to Chase Sunset

1.      Ratu Boko Temple

Another place that you can make to chase a sunset plan is Ratu Boko Temple. In the palace that made in the 8th century, you can enjoy the beauty of sunset. Here you can enjoy the sunset through a frame which is the gateway.

From this box-shaped gate the sun will shine very brightly. You can wait patiently until finally the beautiful sunset arrives in the middle of the gate. During summer, Ratu Boko visited by many photographers who want to see the sunset that supposedly have magical power.

2.      Kalibiru

Kalibiru is already known for its stunning scenery. In the daytime, you will find the typical green mountain scenery that can be enjoyed from a height. This area is also often used as an outing location where many spots to test your guts by climbing a tree, walking on a rope, or sliding from a height.

As the night began to come, the ceiling in the area turned golden yellow. You will get a magical atmosphere as the sun begins to disappear. When dusk comes, try to be on the tree, just to enjoy the atmosphere or capture it through the camera.

3.      Parangtritis Beach

In the morning or afternoon, Parangtritis Beach is the perfect location. You can walk on the black sand on the beach, play with the waves, ride the delman or dokar around the beach, and hunt the local culinary. At the afternoon, you can wait for the sunset that can make you feel amazing.

Sunset at Parangtritis Beach is not blocked by anything. You can see the dazzling sunset on the western horizon. If the sky is not cloudy, the golden light will fill the sky until it feels dear if you not captures.

4.      Embung Nglanggeran

Embung Nglanggeran is a tourist area located in Gunung Kidul. In this place, you will find an artificial lake that used to irrigate the water. But, for it beauty, this artificial lake becomes a famous tourist attraction to catch the sunset.

Since inaugurated in 2013, this area is always busy visited during the afternoon. Dozens of people waited the sun patiently from the sky until created a stunning golden light. Here you can add your photo collection, or just quietly enjoy the beauty.

5.      Parang Endog

Not far from Parangtritis area, you can find a hilly area that has a direct view to the south sea. From the top of the hill that used to be the start point of paragliding sport, you can sit back while enjoying the best day in your life.

At every afternoon, Parang Endog always visited by young people who like photography. They want to capture every moment of the beauty sky that is clearly painted. If you are a sunset hunter, this area is an important list that should you visit as soon as possible.


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