5 Extreme Attractions in Yogyakarta Worth to Try

5 Extreme Attractions in Yogyakarta Worth to Try

Jogja became one of the city with many interesting tourist destinations that should not be missed. Jogja attraction is quite diverse, ranging from natural attractions to artificial tourism. Especially for you who like to try the extreme attraction, then Jogja can you visit.

Some extreme Jogja attractions are capable to trigger your adrenaline, and worth to try. You may check these extreme attractions in Yogyakarta.

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5 Extreme Attractions in Yogyakarta Worth to Try

1.      Traditional cable car on Timang Beach

Speaking about Jogja extreme attraction, the traditional cable car on Timang beach can’t be abandoned. Not only the waves that interesting, but the rocks on this beach is also amazing. Timang Beach provides a test for your guts by crossing to Watu Panjang Island using a wooden cable car. This simple train is tied with a regular rope, and not a steel rope.

2.      Sand boarding at Parangkusumo Desert

Other extreme tourist attraction in Jogja you can find near Parangkusuma Beach and Parangtritis Beach. You will find sand dunes that used as an extreme sports in the form of sand boarding sport. Being on this attraction, you can feel the sensation of gliding by sliding on the sand dunes. You can rent the equipment here.

3.      Rappelling on Jomblang Cave

The next extreme attraction you can try is in Jomblang Cave. This vertical cave is located in Jetis Wetan, Gunung Kidul. Being in Jomblang cave, you are be able to heaven light. Jomblang Cave is somewhat unique with its ecosystem. The ticket to enter Jomblang Cave is quite expensive, but included safety facilities. The visitors that allowed to enter only limited 40 people.

4.      Rock climbing at Siung Beach

Another interesting attraction is Siung beach that located in Tepus, Gunung Kidul. You can reach this beach around 2 hours from the city center. Even quite far away, but the beauty of Siung Beach can pay your fatigue through the amazing scenery. You can also do a camp while enjoying the thrill sensation by climbing the cliffs on this beach.

5.      Exploring volcano through Merapi Lava tour

Merapi is known as one of the active volcanoes in Indonesia, and there is a chance to do an extreme attraction, called Merapi Lava Tour. Being there, you can rent a jeep to around the lava, and passing the graveled road that scattered across the river. With a challenging path, don’t be surprised if you are get vomit.

There are so many Jogja extreme attraction that can be enjoyed to complete your holiday. Just prepare your time and of course your budget to feel the sensation of astonishing through the extreme attractions.

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