5 Famous Tourist Attractions in Kulonprogo Yogyakarta

5 Famous Tourist Attractions in Kulonprogo Yogyakarta

Kulonprogo is one of the regency of Yogyakarta that located in the west side. Since many natural attractions are opened and began to be addressed, many tourists began to visit here. Many tourist attractions are interesting with peculiarities. Here are tourist attractions in Kulonprogo that you should visit during the holidays.

5 Famous Tourist Attractions in Kulonprogo Yogyakarta

1.      Sermo Reservoir

At first, this reservoir serves as a supply of irrigation systems in the area around. But along with the development, this reservoir is used as a tourist attraction. Due to the beauty of the reservoirs and Menoreh Mountain, there are many tourists who come to this place. There is also a boat tour to surround the reservoir, and photo spots built in the reservoir.

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2.      Kalibiru Tourism Village

Who is not familiar with Kalibiru? Kalibiru attraction is famous for spot photos of natural scenery and Sermo Reservoir. Many people come to this place and are willing to queue to get the best picture in the tree house. There many good spots for you to enjoy.

3.      Tritis Tea Garden

Of course, almost everyone knows about tea, its benefits and its usefulness. In this Tritis Tea Garden, besides you can see the view of tea garden which spread wide and natural scenery from hilltop, you will be given a knowledge about tea leaves from local people.

4.      Kulonprogo Mangrove Forest

This is a fairly new tourist attractions in the area Kulonprogo. Although fairly new, but the enthusiast of tourists to come here are quite high. This is because many interesting spots in this place. So, don’t get missed to visit Kulonprogo attracton if you are at Yogyakarta.

5.      Sidoharjo Waterfall

This waterfall is better known as Curug Sidoharjo is indeed no doubt the beauty. The first impression when you enter into this place is a fresh air and away from pollution. The location of Sidoarjo waterfall is not long away from other famous attraction in this place.


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