5 Important Things You Must Prepare Before Visit Yogyakarta

5 Important Things You Must Prepare Before Visit Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is a popular city for tourists. This city is always alluring anyone who comes, even for local or international tourists. This city is thick with Javanese culture and presents a lot of special things for the visitors. From the treats of nature, culture, or culinary attraction, all you can find in this city.

But to be able to enjoy the attraction in Jogja with optimal, you certainly need some preparation. So, what kind of preparation you must do before going to Yogyakarta?

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5 Important Things You Must Prepare Before Visit Yogyakarta

1.      Equipment

The first preparation during the holidays to Jogja is the equipment. Because Jogja has low land and high land. From these varied terrain, then you have to bring various equipment. For example, when in the center of Jogja or on the beach, you need to bring T-shirt because the heat.

But when in the highlands, then you may be cold. So, you must prepare thick clothes. In addition to clothing, some equipment that you must bring like sun block cream, surfboard, and also mat if you going to visit some beaches in Jogja.

2.      Budget

Visiting Jogja of course you need a budget. Interestingly, the budget to prepare for a vacation in Jogja could be cheaper. The price of any goods in Jogja are fairly affordable and friendly pocket. However, it doesn’t mean you just bring enough money. There must be interesting items here.

To anticipate the unwanted things from your money like lost, then you can just bring enough cash. While the rest, just prepare it in a bank account. In Jogja, there are many ATMs that you can use to take money.

3.      Transportation

To go to Jogja, surely you will need transportation. There are many transportation options to choose. If you come from distant areas, you can get an airplane to get to Jogja quickly. Jogja already has Adi Sucipto Airport which already International level. Besides the plane, you can go to Jogja by train. For you who plan to take the train to Jogja, many options you can get.

If you take an economy class train, then you will arrive at Lempuyangan Station. If you are taking the executive class, then you will arrive at Tugu Jogja Station. Another transportation that can take you to Jogja is the bus.

If you take the bus, then your arrival is in Jombor Station or Giwangan Station. After arriving in Jogja, you can go around with several modes of transportation such as city bus, Trans Jogja, taxi, or rent a moped.

4.      Tourist attraction

To get your holiday more optimal and fun, you need to know the tourist attractions to be visited. If you are not sure, you just spend your time while already in Jogja. Jogja own many tourist destination and spread in some regions and districts.

You may make a draft or a list of tourist destinations that you want to visit. Besides the list of tourist destinations, the schedule of activities are also required for your vacation in Yogyakarta. In a simple way, you may create an itinerary.

5.      Accommodation

Finally, another thing to be prepared while on vacation in Jogja is accommodation. With so many privileges owned Jogja, it is unfortunate if you just enter in a few hours. To be able to enjoy the city of Jogja, you need to stay at least 1 day.

Well, from here, the accommodation is required. In Jogja, there are many options that you can use to stay. From hotels, guest houses, hostels, villas, cottages, hostels, and others, you can make as a place to spend the night.

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