5 Important Tips before You Going to Vacation in Yogyakarta

5 Important Tips before You Going to Vacation in Yogyakarta

Jogja is a very attractive tourist destination for a vacation. Besides to its cultural variety, Jogja has stunning natural landscape, Jogja has a variety of choices and forms of attractions. From heritage tours, adventure tours, mountain tours, to beaches tourism, all available.

But before you going to Yogyakarta, here are some holiday tips that you can used while exploring Jogja. Especially for you who have never visited this city, you may check this first.

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5 Important Tips before You Going to Vacation in Yogyakarta

1.      Plan a holiday route in Jogja

Jogja has a wide selection of attractions scattered in the center of the city, and all four regencies. You needs to be careful to choose the effective attraction to visit. In order not to waste your time because of the distance, you have to grouped several routes to make your vacation in Jogja more effective and enjoyable.

2.      Choosing transportation during a tour in Jogja

There is Trans Jogja Bus which operates from 5.30 am until 8.30 pm. Trans Jogja Bus is quite helpful for you to visit the tourist attraction in city. Just combine Trans Jogja Buses with tricycles or pedicab. Right now, Trans Jogja Bus has limited range of routes.

Combined with a pedicab is the right choice to be able to reach the attraction that are not located on the side of the highway. Do not forget to bid to get the appropriate price. Another public transportation in Jogja is ojek, or motor taxi. Lot of motor taxi who are ready to pick you up anywhere.

If you dare to explore alone, rent a motorcycle is a good option. You can rent a motorcycle and try to explore the interesting attraction of Jogja. The rental price starting from $5 for 24 hours.

3.      Find the lodging

In Jogja, there are many available lodging, ranging from cheap to 5-star hotel. These lodging locations are spread, not only in the middle of the city, but also on the edge of the city. If you want to find cheap lodging in Jogja, in Sosrowijayan, many lodging for backpacker starting from $5 for a night.

Sosrowijayan area has always been a favorite area of ​​the tourists, because of its strategic location (very close to Malioboro), and complete (almost all here). However, you don’t need to be focused near Malioboro to find cheap lodging.

Malioboro area has a high density, especially in the holiday season. To avoid the density of roads in the area of ​​Malioboro, it is better to find lodging outside this area. Take it easy, Jogja is very small, even you not stay in Malioboro, you can still visit Malioboro.

4.      Knowing the entrance price of popular attraction

Well, for the preparation before going to Jogja, it is better to know the entrance price of popular tourist attraction in Jogja. So you can calculate the cost during a vacation in Jogja.

5.      Find out the wind direction

This is the most important tips when you are on vacation to this city. In Jogja, the local prefer to give the clue with the wind direction. This is what distinguishes Jogja with other cities. In order not to be confused, you have to learn the wind direction in Jogja.

The main point that could be easier is Mount Merapi. Mount Merapi is located in the northern city of Jogja. Well, it all goes from there. So in the north there is Mount Merapi, in the South there is Parangtritis Beach. And the center is vary, it could be Tugu Jogja, Zero Point, Keraton Jogja, or according to the locals.

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