5 Kinds of Place to Stay in Yogyakarta According Your Budget

5 Kinds of Place to Stay in Yogyakarta According Your Budget

Vacation to Yogyakarta is not enough just for one or two days. To get an exciting and memorable experience, you should plan a holiday in Jogja for at least three days. With the amount of time you spend on Jogja, you can feel the privilege with the maximum.

Well because you have to stay a few days in Jogja, then surely you will need accommodation or lodging. Lodging in Jogja itself many. You can spend the night in several types of lodging according to budget and desired facilities. Well, here are some accommodation options in Yogyakarta to stay.

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5 Kinds of Place to Stay in Yogyakarta According Your Budget

1.      Hostel

If you want to stay in a place like a hotel with friendly rates and friendly pockets, you can take a hostel. The hostel presents a place to stay for travelers with a limited budget. Although the type of lodging is cheap, some hostels still try to bring some specific services.

A big competition that occurred in this lodging makes some hostels try to provide maximum service for the guests feel to at home. Some hostels in Jogja that you can choose include EDU Hostel, Charming Artha Hostel, De Hostel, Retra’s Hostel, MashBrow Hostel, Omah Cilik, Vogel Hostel, Losmanos Hostel, and others.

2.      Homestay

The accommodation to support your holiday in Jogja is Homestay. This lodging will be an interesting choice for you who bring a group. This is because in a homestay, you can rent an entire house. The concept of a homestay or guest house is a house or residence. Well with a concept like this, you will be able to stay like at home.

Moreover, many homestays in Jogja offer a Javanese atmosphere. Then you will feel a different experience. Some homestays in Jogja include Rumah Gejayan, Venezia Homestay Backpacker, Catalia 14 Guest House, Wisma Palagan, Grha Kalyana Guesthouse, Gubug Jawa Homestay, and others.

3.      Hotel

The most common lodging and the easiest option in Jogja, of course, is the hotel. In Jogja, the choice of hotel is very much. But before you decide to stay at the hotel, of course you have prepared a more budget. The room rates in the hotel is somewhat higher than other types of lodging. However, the number of hotel at this time makes a lot of competition inevitable.

The competition between hotels eventually led to lower their rent rates. You just need to look for smart hotels that offer low prices for room per-night. Some of the hotels in Jogja that you can make a place to stay are Greenhost Boutique Hotel, Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel, Abadi Hotel Jogja, Aloha Hotel, Zest Hotel Yogyakarta, EDU Jogja Hostel, etc.

4.      Villa

Jogja has some nature attraction in altitude, it makes villa easily you meet. Villa is synonymous with lodging in the mountains, although it could also be in the lowlands close to the beach. Some villas in Jogja you can find close to some attractions.

With the concept of home, you can stay in this villa with more ‘hommy’. Some villas in Jogja that you can make a place to stay and overnight are Purworaras Villa, Family Villa, Villa Merpati Kaliurang, Villa Hawila, Villa Banjoe, Villa hani`s, and others.

5.      Resort

Lastly, another place to stay in Jogja is a resort. While villa is located a bit away from the attractions, the resort is very close to the tourist attractions. Despite having a strategic location, but spend the night at the resort needs a larger budget. The existence of resorts in Jogja is not too much like other lodgings.

Therefore, if you want to stay at the resort you should think about the needs first. Some resorts to spend the night in Jogja such as Omkara Resort, Alam Jogja Resort, Sambi Resort, The Kalyana Resort, Westlake Resort, Java Village Resort, Green Zone Resort, and more.

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