5 Kinds of Souvenir from Parangtritis Beach Yogyakarta

5 Kinds of Souvenir from Parangtritis Beach Yogyakarta

Parangtritis beach is one of the beautiful beaches that attracted many tourists who visit Jogja. Besides the easy access and can be reached by public transport, this beautiful beach also offers a variety of souvenir for you. Here are some of them!

5 Kinds of Souvenir from Parangtritis Beach Yogyakarta

1.      Shell crafts

Like other beaches, Parangtritis also offers a variety of craft shells that transformed into room decoration, decorative mirrors, to various accessories and souvenirs such as miniature animals or brooches. Generally craft shells sold by many shop along the entrance of Parangtritis Beach.

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2.      Jingking chips

Gunung Kidul has an iconic culinary which is walang goreng (fried grasshopper or locust), Bantul especially Parangtritis Beach also has unique chips called jingking chips. This type of chips can be found in Parangtritis Beach or Depok Beach. Jingking is a small animal living on a sandy beach. Jingking chips are sold quite cheap, only $0.8 you can bring home as a snack.

3.      Fried undur-undur

Besides jingking chips, Parangtritis Beach also has a unique snack which is fried undur-undur. In contrast to small retreats, the sea retreat has a big size that is enough for one bite. No need to worry about the price, with $0.4 only, you can take home some of this unique snack.

4.      Clothes or t-shirt

The clothes that read Parangtritis Beach adorn many shops that opened along the beach. Toddlers to adult clothes are available here. Not only that, shorts for swimming and the beautiful hats were on display at various shopping locations.

5.      Jenitri necklace

There is also a merchant who sells rattles and the famous necklace Jenitri. In Bali and some other places, this necklace is also known as Rudraksha. Types of grains that are suspected to have various health benefits, such as sucking pollutants, make the body to feel comfortable, normalize blood pressure and other.

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