5 Most Recommended Places in Yogyakarta to Buy Batik

5 Most Recommended Places in Yogyakarta to Buy Batik

Jogja is a paradise for you who want to buy a batik. Besides many unique natural and culinary tourism attractions, a visit to Jogja has not been complete without buying batik. As one of the center of Javanese culture, there are many batik centers in Jogja that give more choice for you.

The price that offered may also be cheaper when compared to other big cities. But precisely because so many batik shopping places in Jogja, choosing the most appropriate sometimes difficult. For you who want to find batik to add to your collection, just take a look to the recommendations below.

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5 Most Recommended Places in Yogyakarta to Buy Batik

1.      Beringharjo Market

The main place to find batik with a fairly cheap price and can be negotiated is Beringharjo Market. This market can be regarded as one of the most complete batik center in Jogja. In this market, you can find various kinds of batik products. The materials that available also varied. For the pattern, Beringharjo market is also very complete.

One of the main tips when you buy batik in Beringharjo Market is be clever to bargain. This market is suitable for you who want to shop in large quantities for souvenirs, and for you who want to test your bargaining skills. You do not need to hesitate to bid half of the price offered, because usually they provide a much higher price.

2.      Malioboro

Similar to Beringharjo Market, Malioboro Street can also be a choice of shopping spot in Jogja. Actually, the seller in Malioboro is not only a merchant who sells in the grocery store. You can also shop at batik shops located along this street with a more comfortable atmosphere. One batik store in Malioboro that you can visit is Mirota Batik.

The store is located directly opposite Beringharjo Market is suitable for you who want to shop without to bid first. Besides batik, in Mirota Batik you can also find various trinkets typical of Jogja. You can buy knick-knacks with the starting price $0.8, and batik clothes starting from $4 with good enough quality.

3.      Kampung Batik Ngasem

If you are tired of shopping around Malioboro, Kampung Batik Ngasem may be your choice. To shop batik in Kampung Batik Ngasem from Malioboro, just ride a pedicab to reach the batik village that located in the west of Yogyakarta Palace. Along the way, you will easily find many batik store.

One of the advantages of shopping in Kampung Batik Ngasem is you can more freely to see the batik collection. The batik collection offered is also complete, ranging from hand-batik, stamp-batik, to printing-batik. For a matter of price, you don’t need to be afraid. Here you can still find batik clothes at a price below $10.

4.      Kampung Batik Giriloyo

There is one unique recommendation for batik shopping in Jogja. For you who want to feel the atmosphere of batik shopping a little different, you can visit Kampung Batik Giriloyo. This village is one of the centers of batik craftsmen in Jogja. You can shop at once while you see the process of making hand-batik directly.

If you want to learn to make batik, you can follow a short course for 2 hours to know the basic techniques. Hand-batik is the main attraction of Giriloyo Batik Village. If you are interested to buy batik here, maybe you need to spend more than $10. Sometimes you need $100 to get their products.

5.      Krebet Tourism Village

Generally, batik is made on cloth. In Krebet Village, you can find unique batik made on wood. The village is located near the attractions of Selarong Cave, and already known as a center of wooden batik. Krebet Village is the right place for you who want to know and learn the process of making crafts that have been sold to abroad.

Here, besides being able to see and learn the process of making wooden batik, you can also buy various products. There are many shops that sell various kinds of wooden batik crafts, from bracelets, photo frames, tissue boxes, wooden puppets, wooden masks, chairs, and cabinets. You can buy a wooden batik starting from $0.8 for a wooden mask.

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