5 Must-Taste Food from Yogyakarta for Culinary Enthusiast

5 Must-Taste Food from Yogyakarta for Culinary Enthusiast

Yogyakarta has it ow taste. If you want a culinary tour in Jogja, you will find a special menu which unique, interesting, and of course famous. For that, here some info about typical culinary from Jogja. The most important, you will get those culinary at affordable price.

Some culinary place in Jogja is often become a destination for tourists who want to enjoy. It’s less complete if you do not stop by to some culinary places. At least, you visit one place that you can reach, especially if you are culinary enthusiast. It’s a pity to miss.

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5 Must-Taste Food from Yogyakarta for Culinary Enthusiast

1.      Sego Pecel Bu Wiryo

Sego Pecel Bu Wiryo is one culinary cheap from Jogja. The menu is very simple, which is white rice with vegetables and added with typical sauce. Usually there are additional eggs, tofu or tempeh, and so forth. Sego pecel price is only $0.7. One of legendary sego pecel in Jogja is SGPC Bu Wiryo. It is located on UGM area.

2.      Gudeg Yu Djum

The most typical food of Jogja is surely you know, gudeg. But to determine a legendary gudeg in Jogja, is Gudeg Yu Djum. You may know and also want to try to taste Gudeg Yu Djum. It has been long time that Gudeg Yu Djum became one typical Jogja food.

This gudeg originally selling on Wijilan Street which is the center of gudeg Jogja. Up to now, Gudeg Yu Djum has many branches. You will find Gudeg Yu Djum at the same taste, because it uses the same recipe.

3.      Sate Klatak Pak Pong

This goat meat satay maybe you just know, or you have heard but have not time to try. Sate klatak is a legendary goat satay in Jogja. At this stall, you can enjoy the taste of young goat meat. Klatak Satay is a delicious young goat meat, unique culinary due to iron bars that used.

4.      Soto Kadipiro Yogyakarta

This culinary menu has a lot of fans. Besides cheap, it simple and also fresh. Soto is a favorite menu of many people. One of the legendary soto in Jogja is Soto Kadipiro. If you want to try this typical Jogja menu, you should come by on Wates Street. This place is close to Malioboro, about 10 minutes.

5.      Angkringan Tugu

Angkringan, originated from the word ngangkring (sitting with crossed leg), now a favorite culinary for many people. It famous for the cheap price, because a pack of rice is only $0.1. Many choice of side dish, and it can fill your stomach.

The legendary angkringan in Jogja is Angkringan Tugu. Formerly, Angkringan Tugu was only filled by Lek Man and Lek No. Now Angkringan Tugu has a lot of seller. The most legendary menu here is kopi joss.

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