5 Nature Attractions in Yogyakarta You Shouldn’t Missed

5 Nature Attractions in Yogyakarta You Shouldn’t Missed

Jogja is a paradise of natural attractions, because the city of Yogyakarta offers all the beauty and thick of history. The price to enjoy nature tourism in the city of Yogyakarta also does not require a very large cost, you can spend without having to take into deep account.

Jogja gives you everything! From the natural attractions, tourist attractions, museum attractions, as well as shopping at a cheap price if you have a good bargain skill. Don’t be afraid because the seller in Jogja very friendly and always welcome to people who are interested on the goods.

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5 Nature Attractions in Yogyakarta You Shouldn’t Missed

1.      Imogiri Pine Forest

One of the other natural attractions in Jogja come from Imogiri Pine Forest, which is not too far from city center. Imogiri Pine Forest is a favorite place among local, because this place is fairly new and easy to reach from the city center.

This Imogiri pine forest will give you a different atmosphere, which is the beauty of nature in the forest and the air is so fresh. If you ever watched a Twilight movie, you may have seen the background shooting in the pine forest, and it’s not much different from this Imogiri pine forest.

2.      Kalibiru attraction

The journey is approximately 30 minutes from Yogyakarta. Kalibiru is a hill that presents beautiful scenery of the Sermo Reservoir and Menoreh Hill. Here you can take a picture with Sermo Reservoir background and beautiful hills. The most interesting here is the Photo Tree that became a trend among teenagers.

To be able to take pictures on the tree, you have to queue up with other visitors. Even if you come in ordinary day, you have to wait for hours to queue. There are 3 trees for the location to take a picture. So, you don’t have to worry because to miss out.

3.      Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano

Not far from Sri Gethuk Waterfall, you will meet other nature attraction in Jogja called Mount Nglanggeran. This ancient mountain became a tourist destination that you should not miss. This natural attraction gives you a view of volcanic rock, and is more suitable to visit with family or friends to do a great reunion activity.

This place has several rides and lodgings. Besides that, this place can also be made as a camping ground. And the most favorite is to enjoy the sunset and sunrise over the mountains that gives you something different.

4.      Pindul Cave

Pindul Cave presents the view of underground river, you will trace it by inner tube. This activity is like rafting, but using inner tube. You will be guided to explore Pindul Cave, in addition you will also be equipped with safety with buoys, head lamp, and rubber boots.

There are 3 recreational rides in Pindul Cave, include tubing in Pindul Cave, explore Gelatik Cave, and river tubing in Oyo River. All the rides are equipped with safety and insurance.

5.      Sri Gethuk Waterfall

Sri Gethuk waterfall is one of the natural attractions that you should not miss. This is a natural waterfall that makes you feel like in the Americas, precisely the Grand Canyon Arizona. To be able to enter this waterfall, it requires a fairly extreme trip.

There are two paths after entering the gate of Sri Gethuk waterfall is, by walking, or along the Oya River using artificial boat. During the trip with an artificial boat, you will see the natural of Oyo River, plus limestone karst wall. After about 15 Minutes, you will reach Sri Gethuk waterfall.


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