5 Option Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta for Your Weekend

5 Option Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta for Your Weekend

Yogyakarta is full of various tourist attraction that are never end to visit. Yogyakarta always appear new tourist destinations with its characteristic. With the number of tourist attractions in Jogja, sometimes make you confused, which one should be visited first.

Visiting Jogja is fun. If you plan to vacation but you get confused with which destination you will visit this weekend, try to check these out. Here are some recommendations about tourist attractions in Jogja for your holiday.

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5 Option Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta for Your Weekend

1.      Queen Boko Temple

This temple located on the hill south of Prambanan temple stores a charisma of its own charm. Built in the 8th century, Ratu Boko Temple has various stories and legends associated with the relics of the ancient Mataram kingdom.

Ratu Boko Temple is also famous as one of the best photo spot in Jogja. Here you take the architectural background of the remaining buildings in Ratu Boko. If you can take time to visit Ratu Boko in the afternoon, you will get the bonus of a charming sunset view.

2.      Kalibiru

From Mangunan area in Bantul, let’s move to Kulon Progo. Although located quite far, one of the tourist attractions in Yogyakarta is also being loved by many tourists. The beautiful panorama and cool atmosphere becomes the main feature that makes this area popular as a tourist destination.

Kalibiru offers scenic beauty of the Menoreh Mountains combined with Sermo Reservoir. Natural beauty is what makes tourists interested to come. One of the famous photo spots here is a viewing post located on a pine tree. You can capture the moment while you enjoy the natural charm of Kalibiru.

3.      Mangunan Fruit Garden

A vacation to the orchard may not be something special. But your visit to this one orchard is guaranteed to be memorable. As one of the main recommendations of tourist attractions in Jogja, Mangunan fruit garden is not ordinary orchard.

Simply by taking an hour journey from Yogyakarta and pay $0.4, you can explore and enjoy the beauty of Mangunan Fruit Garden. The beautiful scenery you can enjoy from the viewing post on the top of the hill. Do not forget to take pictures and upload it on Instagram, because this place is Instagram-able.

4.      Mangunan Pine Forest

Not far from Mangunan Fruit Garden, there is one of the tourist attractions in Jogja is on the rise. Mangunan pine forest is located in Mangunan, Dlingo, Bantul. In this pine forest you can enjoy the beautiful pine trees.

Not only that, the atmosphere which is so cool and beautiful, this tourist spot is hits as place to take pictures. The unique panorama of the forest will certainly be an interesting spot for your photos. Rows of pine trees that grow in Mangunan pine forest is suitable for pre-weeding photos.

5.      Sadranan Beach

Rows of beaches in Gunung Kidul always offer an unrivaled beauty charm. One of the beaches that offers stunning beauty is Sadranan Beach. The beach, which situated between Krakal beach and Ngandong Beach, offers white sandy beach with fairly calm waves.

You can do various activities to enjoy the beauty of Sadranan Beach. You can play sea water and white sand at the seaside. You can also do snorkel to enjoy the beauty of the underwater charm on this beach. You simply rent snorkel equipment on the beach with cheap price.


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