5 Popular Photo Spots in Yogyakarta You Must Capture

5 Popular Photo Spots in Yogyakarta You Must Capture

Jogja has lots of cool photo spots for your background. You are obliged to visit these spot if you are photo addict. Just don’t forget to bring full battery. If you don’t believe it, just come to the following spots!

5 Popular Photo Spots in Yogyakarta You Must Capture

1.      Breksi Cliffs

This tourist attractions that located in the area of ​​Prambanan is a former mining site. The cliffs are carved by artists with wayang reliefs and other reliefs. There are many cool photo spots. Just come here after you visited Ratu Boko Temple, because in one location.

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2.      Bukit Lintang Sewu

In Lintang Sewu, there are three photo spots to spoil visitors: Tugu Watu Asah-asah, bamboo viewing post, and Tapak Buto. These spots are indeed instagramable. Come in early, or when dusk comes. Photographers also often come here to capture the moment of sunrise and sunset.

3.      Mangunan Fruit Garden

This place has incredible views. From this place you can see Parangtritis Beach and Bantul City from altitude. If you comes early in the morning, the atmosphere will more unique because the cool air and fog that spreaded. Your photograph is guaranteed to more hits.

4.      Mangunan Pine Forest

Still a pine forest, first Mangunan Pine Forest was also abandoned. But now, this place the most wanted attraction due to various photo spots. This place is famous as one of pre-wedding photos. Now, you have to stay in line waiting for your turn to take a photo.

5.      Pengger Pine Forest

In recent years, Pengger Pine Forest attraction is raised. The background of pine forest is quite dense and regularly, will make your photo more stunning. Especially with many photo spots built by the managers. In Pinus Pengger, there is a giant hand that could be the background of your picture.

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