5 Popular Typical Souvenirs From Yogyakarta You Must Buy!

5 Popular Typical Souvenirs From Yogyakarta You Must Buy!

Traveling to Jogja is indeed a thing that will not be forgotten. Because, Jogja is one of the tourist areas with enchanting natural scenery, and a variety of tourist options that will make your holiday more memorable. Well, after a satisfied holiday around Jogja, you may bring some souvenirs.

Jogja has various choices of souvenir, and some already famous. Besides famous for culinary delights, Jogja has various snacks. Besides snack, there are various batik to knick-knacks. Well, here are some popular souvenir from Jogja.

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5 Popular Typical Souvenirs From Yogyakarta You Must Buy!

1.      Bakpia

Who does not know this typical snack. Bakpia mostly contains green beans, but now modified with a variety of flavor, ranging from cheese, chocolate, durian, and many more. You can find bakpia in Beringharjo Market, Malioboro Street, and various other places in Yogyakarta.

2.      Yangko

Yangko is cake of Jogja and become one of the most choices snack that suitable for souvenir. Bright colors and sweet taste are the taste of yangko. One of the best locations that usually provide yangko is Yangko Pak Prapto in Pramuka Street, and in Malioboro too.

3.      Geplak

The tasty coconut meat colored with bright and unique sweet taste. Geplak is also typical snack from Jogja which is also suitable for you to carry. The sweet taste is thick is so typical. Many snack outlets provide this geplak, and suitable for you to take home as a souvenir.

4.      Silver Craft

In Kotagede area, about 5 km from city center, a silver handicraft can be easily found and can be a souvenir that you can take home. Lots of silver handicrafts available in Jogja, ranging from jewelry, to a variety of wall displays. You can also watch and learn directly from the craftsman.

5.      Kasongan pottery

Besides typical silver crafts, there are other interesting crafts to take home. Kasongan pottery is one of the best quality. Starting from jars, to ashtrays and many more. You can also try to see the process of making it directly until the finishing process in one location.

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