5 Rides in Yogyakarta That Reminds You to Disneyland

5 Rides in Yogyakarta That Reminds You to Disneyland

Artificial attraction in Jogja increasingly crazy because of the need of refreshing. Jogja is not always about nature attraction, but also the artificial rides. Since 2015, the number is growing up, mostly in the form of water rides. Though, this kind of tourist attraction remain crowded, especially during holidays. These are some rides you can visit.

5 Rides in Yogyakarta That Reminds You to Disneyland

1.      Jogja Bay

Since opened at the end of 2015, Jogja Bay became the most popular tourist rides in Jogja. 19 rides have been opened in full. The entrance ticket to Jogja Bay is $5.5 for children and $7.5 for adults. For children under 2 years of age are free, while adults over 65 years is $5.5.

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The most visited rides are How to survive in tsunami and earthquake. In this vehicle you will experience a ferocious tsunami. You will be able to feel the deadly wave like a tsunami. In Orlando, this kind of water ride is also famous.

2.      Gembira Loka

Gembiraloka Zoo Yogyakarta becomes a favorite tourist destination for families. The concept of natural animal cage with garden arrangement, vegetation, and clean water channel becomes the dream of visitors that makes them very comfortable.

Interestingly, the Bird Park at Gembiraloka Zoo stole the attention of the visitor. The bird park has 64 species of birds and more than 348 aves inhabiting the cage. Although visitors are free to interact, the guard around the entrance takes place thoroughly.

3.      Sindu Kusuma Edupark

The picnic spot is suit for family tour rides and equipped with 18 game models such as segway, trampoline, 7 D cinema, electric cars, and outbond arena for certain activities. Sindu Kusuma Edupark is a unique night spot in Yogyakarta.

The spot with ​​7 hectares area can be the main choice to spend a long holiday in Jogjakarta.

4.      Balong Waterpark

Many of you who come from out of town don’t know about Balong Waterpark. This is the first water playground that actually exist in Yogyakarta. Balong Waterpark is located on Pleret Street km 1.5.

If you want to go there, you should use private vehicles because there is no public transportation that can lead directly to this place. The ticket price is $1.2 for each person at Monday-Saturday, and $1.7 at Sundays and holidays. For children under 3 years, no need to pay tickets.

5.      Kids Fun

This tourist location is perfect for you who want to have fun with your family. This place is fun for a vacation with your baby. The most popular vehicle between parents and children is Go-Cart.

This tourist spot provide 30 rides worth trying. Call it an exciting water rides like Bumper Boat, Grand Canyon, Remote Ship, Aqua Splash, Arung Jeram, and Water Bike.

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