5 Rules You Should Know Before Rent a Moped or Car in Yogyakarta

5 Rules You Should Know Before Rent a Moped or Car in Yogyakarta

The need for rental vehicles in Jogja is increased in recent years, along with the tourist. In Jogja many tourists need a vehicle for their activities. Tourists who come generally vary. For tourists with a group of dozens of people definitely need a minibus type.

A minibus type can carry more passengers than small cars, and also more efficient and economical. Therefore, more and more companies are renting various vehicles. The number of choices sometimes makes many tourist confused to choose. So, this some tips when you want to rent a moped or car.

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5 Rules You Should Know Before Rent a Moped or Car in Yogyakarta

1.      Reputation

The main tip is regarding reputation. Choose a reputable transport rental company, because with a good reputation the company is proven to be able to serve the guests well. To know the reputation of a company, it can be seen from the testimony of the customers who have used the services of these companies.

You can see the testimony on the company website, because at this time in general the transportation company has its own website. Because you can see the reputation, there is also info about the price, physical cars, models, and other.

2.      Ask Friend for Suggestions

Before renting, you can also ask first the opinion of your colleagues who have ever rented this type of vehicle before. Ask for good vehicle rental info service. Their advice is helpful as a reference and additional information before renting. As a person who had rented, he/she would know the advantages and disadvantages.

3.      Facilities

The next tip is to consider the facilities offered by the company. The rental companies usually offer a variety of facilities to their customer. So make sure what facilities will be obtained when renting this vehicle in order to avoid misunderstandings.

4.      Don’t be shy Ask

The next tip is don’t be shy to ask. Ask various things concerning the facility as well as price details. Regarding the price, ask what is included in the price, whether it includes fuel, toll, parking, and so forth. This is necessary to avoid extra expenses on the road.

5.      Pay the DP as soon as possible

The last tip is to immediately pay the DP if it has agreed with the price and advance payment facility. This is to ensure the vehicle you are going to rent is not rented by other party. This is due to the need for this vehicle is very high, especially in the holiday season.

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