5 Simple Tips to Get Cheap Price at Malioboro Yogyakarta

5 Simple Tips to Get Cheap Price at Malioboro Yogyakarta

Trips to Jogja is not complete if you have not been to Malioboro. This shopping center is famous as one of the main destinations for tourists. However, not everyone can get a cheap price when shopping here. Even with a low budget, of course you do not want to miss to shop at Malioboro.

Who would love to buy a T-shirt for $5 in Malioboro, but a month later your friend show the same shirt for only $1.5. If this often happens to you, try to see some shopping tips in Malioboro below.

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5 Simple Tips to Get Cheap Price at Malioboro Yogyakarta

1.      Speak using Java language, at least to bid

One of the shopping tips in Malioboro that has been widely known is to use the Javanese language. Although simple, this often makes traders want to lower prices and give discounts. Simple sayings like “Niki pinten, Bu?” (How much this is?), or “Saged kirang mboten?” (Can be less or not?). You can try to practice to get a cheaper price.

2.      Be friendly

Perhaps this can be regarded as one shopping tips in Malioboro are often forgotten by the traveler. Sometimes many tourists forget to be friendly. By being friendly, the sellers become happy and there is a chance they are lowering the price for you. Before bid, smile and say hello. Then when you’re done, keep say “Matur nuwun” (thank you).

3.      Dress up simple

The seller certainly judges you from your style. If you dress up like an artist, the seller will raise the price because they see you as a rich person. A simple display would be much more comfortable to walk in Malioboro which is usually hot and full of people. Plus, a casual and reasonable appearance can also avoid pickpockets.

4.      Bid at half price

Bargaining is sometimes hard to do, especially if you don’t have good bargaining skills. But no matter how you bid, try to bargain at half price. Most sellers will also give their goods for half price. Who knows you are lucky, and you can bring home the goods you seek.

5.      Act like you don’t need it

Although you are very interested in one item, don’t show if you really like it. Especially if you say if you need the goods. The seller will raise the price because they feel you need it. The more you look desperate, the more the seller will raise the price.

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