5 Smart Ways to Get Holiday in Yogyakarta with Budget under $80

5 Smart Ways to Get Holiday in Yogyakarta with Budget under $80

Yogyakarta became one of the favorite tourist destinations among young people. Even you ever visited, but there is always a desire to come again to this city. Whether it’s for nostalgia or trying new tourist attractions. The atmosphere of Yogyakarta will make you always miss.

Try it you imagine the hustle and bustle of Malioboro, hunt a batik, eat at angkringan, all of these things would not be bored you do if you come again to Yogyakarta. Although, the average holiday trip to this city requires at least $100. But just be calm, you can visit and explore Yogyakarta with budget under $80. Let’s see how this is happen.

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5 Smart Ways to Get Holiday in Yogyakarta with Budget under $80

1.      Choose the right transportation

The transportation you can choose cheaply is the train. The price can be cheaper if take a ride with an economic class. There are many option of economy trains. Don’t worry, the economy class is comfortable and has been completed with an air conditioning.

You can book the ticket through online site. Just choose the train and the time. The average price for the economy class is $6, but you travel at night. While at the daylight, the average price is $10.

2.      Find a homestay

Choosing a homestay for backpackers is much cheaper than stay at a hotel. The price of homestay starting from $4-8. The facilities that offered of course is less than the hotel. You may get air conditioning or fan, TV, and wifi that you can use. There are many homestay located near Malioboro.

For example, you can find many homestay at Sosrowijayan Street which is located at Malioboro. But if want to a homestay that a bit far from the crowded Malioboro, you can visit Prawirotaman Street. In fact, this area is full with international tourist.

3.      Ren a moped to around

In Yogyakarta there is already a Trans Jogja as an inconvenience public transport, but the operating hours are certainly limited and can’t take you to certain tourist attractions. One ingenious way to get around in Yogyakarta is by renting a motorcycle.

Here you can rent a moped with a price of $6 for 24 hours. The requirement is of course you have a driver’s license and you must submit your original ID as a guarantee.

4.      Cheap culinary but delicious

Who says delicious culinary should be expensive? Do not forget, Yogyakarta is famous for its cheap angkringan culinary. For breakfast, you can go to the traditional market like Beringharjo market to taste local culinary and snacks at a price under $1. For lunch, you can eat at Soto Bathok Mbah Katro in Sambisari Temple Area.

The price offered is only $0.4. As for dinner, there are many options that you can try such as Sate Klatak Pak Bari with the price of $1.5 for a portion. After dinner, do not forget to stop by to try a phenomenal coffee at Angkringan Lik Man on Wongsodirjan Street for only $0.5.

5.      Go to places with friendly budget

You can visit tourist attractions that Instagram-able but with friendly budget. There are so many attractions in Yogyakarta with ticket prices around $0.2, $0.4, $0.8, and there are even free attraction, and you only charge with parking fees.

Some free attraction for you to choose are Breksi Cliffs, Becici Peak, Pine Forest Mangunan, Pinus Pengger, and other. Some tourist attractions with $0.4 are Kalisuci Cave, Kalibiru, Kaliurang, Sermo Reservoir, Nglinggo Tea Garden, and much more.

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