5 Things from Yogyakarta That Will Make Fall in Love Deeply With This City

5 Things from Yogyakarta That Will Make Fall in Love Deeply With This City

As one special city in Indonesia, Yogyakarta has long been recognized as a city full of art and culture. Almost in every corner, there are love that seems difficult to separate it. Every hospitality greeting will make you always want to go back again while creating a new memory of this city.

While remembering every corner with it beauty, here 5 things that will make you all fall in love again with Yogyakarta. Let’s add more good memories in your experience.

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5 Things from Yogyakarta That Will Make Fall in Love Deeply With This City

1.      A Friendly Night Atmosphere

If you speak the friendly atmosphere of the city, you may think directly about a big city that free from traffic jam. For this one thing, it could be Yogyakarta has a situation that is not much different with other big cities. However, Yogyakarta has something else that may not be found elsewhere.

Almost every night, there is always a cheerfulness and excitement. Not only that, here you will see how the communication between humans is very well established. Too friendly and cheap smile from a big city are rarely thing you can find.

2.      Simple But lovely

For you who ever visit Yogyakarta, try to count, how many malls or huge buildings that stand there? The answer is very rare! Sure, there are several malls and lots of good hotels that stand, but not the same as other big cities.

This simplicity that will make you more miss the same Yogyakarta. A typical Javanese shop with mats, a street singers with simple but very entertaining, and other unique thing. The point is, Yogyakarta teaches you that not all the expensive things are able to give a happiness.

3.      Cheap Culinary

Well, this one can be the main thing if you visit Yogyakarta. About the stomach thing, a good culinary becomes every traveler’s dream. The most make love, Yogyakarta has many places to eat with cheap price and tastes amazing! From gudeg to tempeh bacem, from ginger milk to coffee joss, everything will make you super comfortable and super happy.

4.      Art and Culture that Never Run Out

Yogyakarta is known to have a tradition and culture that is so thick. Not only batik, Yogyakarta has many qualified artists who are ready to give you a different experience. Especially when some event are held.

In fact, when you walk in Malioboro area, there are so many street artists who are ready to entertain you. Starting from a group of angklung and gamelan, mini band, until the street magician, everything is there!

5.      Amazing Places of Interest

Yogyakarta has many amazing tourist destinations that will make you visit again. Not only from the architecture of the city and the beauty of the palace, Yogyakarta has many natural tourist destinations. Call it Siung Beach and Pindul Cave located in ​​Gunung Kidul.


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